Saturday, July 12, 2008

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #21

I have bought this bb cream about nearly 1 month ago. and have been using it religiously every day except the 1 or 2 days of the week which i deceide to stay at home and bludge around...

any hows... Here's the review i promised on this bb cream.

Left one: Missha Perfect Cover bb #21

Right one: Missha M Vita bb cream

The consistency is a bit more thicker than the Missha M vita, and it's lighter in colour. A little goes a long way. Even though it's a bit thicker, it's still spreadable, but i find that if i use too much, it kinda of streaks on my face. leaving like lines.. (like how you apply foundation with a brush and it streaks) unless you sort of rub it in, and wait for it to absorb a bit...

But, it's coverage is amazing. it covers about 60-70% of my acne marks. the lighter -medium ones. if you have dark acne marks then i dont think it does much of a good job. As you can see, the color # 21 seems a lot lighter than Missha M Vita, but it helps to brighten up the face.

It's oil control ability on the other hand, is WAY better than the M Vita one. M Vita seems to be more oily and moisturising. good for dry skin people or normal skin during winter. The perfect cover bb cream doens't make my face go oily. may be a bit during the afternoon, but i only have to blot once and that will last me until night. But it's not smudge proof. It tends to transfer some onto my oil blotting paper. But i Do top it off with my silk dust from EDM.

I recommend people who want to buy BB cream do go for this one. Out of ALL the other bb creams i tried, i think this one is the best. But may be you should try to compare the # 23 and #21 in the shop before you purchase. Because i think #23 is more Natural... When i finish this #21 as it is winter now. i will go buy the #23 for the comming summer....

Any questions just ask me.. I will try to help out..


Nic Nic said...

ohh im glad this bb cream is working for you!! i could never tell you had any acne scars in your pics. i agree the M vita is quite greasy on oily skin :/

fuzkittie said...

This is so helpful for me as I'm going back to Taiwan in Oct, I'll be looking for good BBC!

Aud :) said...

do you know where are Missha stores in Singapore? i cant seem to find any!! and i'd really like to get some Missha bb cream haha.

i've read other reviews that the M perfect cover is for whitening and for aging skin? is that true? i dont really want a whitening one..

what's your opinion on the M watery?
hope to hear from you soon

Anonymous said...

Missha M Vita...really disappointed's dark but it makes me look like a ghost. It does not blend well and it's too drying and I have OILY SKIN!!! I have the skin79 Pink bottle bb cream and its darker but blends into my skin instantly so I am not sure what I am doing wrong when applying Missha M Vita BB cream...any advice anyone?? helpful ways I can try again using Missha M vita bb cream???