Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Foundation Trouble

I am troubled..T___T I have been looking for a perfect foundation for ages ages.. And i have been using mineral foundation for a while, but I just find it too inconvinient for touch ups during the day and may be bringing it in the bag as it floats around every where. Not to mention spilling every where when I Open the jar. ><

So I was looking around in the department store today.. and I was browsing around and finally come to the conclusion of these 3 foundations.. but i still can't decide.. PLEASE help me ...

I was using Revlon Colorstay liquid found in sand beige then changed to EDM foundation. now looking for a new one. so here's what I found interesting in the department store..

Left to Right:
1. Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 10
2. Biotherm Sense Matte SPF 15
3. Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact Make up SPF15
Skin Condition:
Combination usually. But it's winter in Australia now so a bit drying some times.
Light yellow Asian undertone. Semi-sensitive to products. Prone to clogged pores.
Estee Lauder Double Wear SPF 10
A medium-full coverage foundation. Quite thick in consistency, takes some time to blend and finishes matte, no dewy or glow look. some people said gives a ghosty look with photos. Long lasting up to 12 hours.
Biotherm Sense Matte SPF 15
A light-medium coverage foundation. silky, creamy texture, easily blendable. gives a matte finish but with a glow. looks natural on face. Long lasting up to 10 hours.
Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Compact Make up SPF15
A cream foundation which gives a light-medium coverage. silky, creamy texture, gives a satiny finish. gives a natural look. Doesn't say how long it lasts.
PLEASE HELP?? which one you guys think I should get?? or perhaps you could suggest some other good ones?? Thank you ^___^


Alyssa said...

The one thing I have trouble with when it comes to makeup is foundation. I just can't seem to find a perfect match. You know how they say to match it on the chin area to see if it matches. I think it matches and then when I wear it on my face, it doesn't... lol~ I'm just not good at this... hehe~ I understand the foundation trouble... eek~

fuzkittie said...

I've heard a lot of good reviews on the EL double wear, but I think it's too drying.
I love Chanel's Teint Innocence, but I use the fluid one... it's sooo great and even though it's summer here, it still lasts the whole day for me (although I stay indoors most of the day). This definitely gives you the glowy look!
Another great one is Dior's Forever Extreme Flawless fluid foundation, it worked great for me when I used it.
My all time favorite is still La Mer's fluid foundation, just because I feel like it's less bad for my skin. ^^
I've never tried Biotherm...

fuzkittie said...

Btw, I got Chanel's teint innocence in Cameo 20, it's great for yellow under toned skin. To avoid having a face that doesn't match with your neck, you should apply foundation from the center of the face, and blend outwards so that you end up with little to no foundation towards where your jaws are. I wear almost no makeup towards the outsides of my face. This will make it look very natural!

fuzkittie said...

Omg, I forgot again... I will try to do a blush post sometime! ^O^

Aradani said...

hey, I saw a post of yours on fuz's blog and was intrigued. and before I forget to mention this, I LOVE YOUR BANNER!
I'm no help with the foundations. the only high end foundation i ever owned was a Lancome Color ID. I really liked it, but now I rarely use it because it's too dark for me.
I hope you don't mind that I added you to my google reader blogroll.

Nic Nic said...

I'm not into liquid foundation as such, i prefer powder.. so i use NARS powder foundation and it comes in a compact - great for touch ups!! The price tag is pretty steep though :/

Anonymous said...

hi :) i added your blog to my blogroll!

i LOVE bb cream, but i have only have and tried the skin food one :)

xppinkx said...

hey doll

I love love love chanel's foundations that is what i use in the since i tan in the summer i use la mer tinted moisturiser...i recommend fuzzkitties recommendation on chanel...if you dont want to spend the 50 bucks...try mac mineral mineralize satin finish retailing at $ goes on like a dream has really good coverage...a bit sheer but you glow right through...
there are so many good ones out there but those are my top 2 dolly


fuzkittie said...

Oh yes the very popular LM tinted moisturizer! I feel that tinted moisturizer is better for the summer time, AND if you don't need any concealing power.
Chanel's Teint Innocence goes on almost like a tinted moisturizer, if not lighter. If you get it, make sure to get the setting powder with it >_^ It will make it last even longer~

Anonymous said...

I dont recomend the estee lauder double wear, it looks really orange after you apply it and wait about 3 minutes ; /
it also feels like a mask. and doesnt do a very good job of covering. hope this helped(: