Monday, May 30, 2011

[]Rimmel Product review part 2[]~~

Hey all
this is my second part of the Rimmel products.

Nail Colour:
- thumb (Icon style)
- index (Hypnotic)
- middle (Tangerine queen)
- ring ( Sunshine)

- Rimmel makes great nail polish colours. I picked two summery colours and two reds.
I got the Rimmel I love lasting finish in tangerine queen and sunshine. This formula dries quickly and you can apply two coats under a minute and you don't have to sit here and wait ages for ur nail to dry. But it is quite prone to chipping. The colour didn't last really long on my fingers.

-Rimmel pro lycra professional finish nails are great. I got it in the colour of Icon style and Hynotic. Iconstyle is a all time classic red suit my slightly tanned yellow tone skin quite well. I don't usually wear reds it's a bit too daring for me. But this one is great makes you feel classy without being too poshy. HAHAHAHA I love the hypnotic colour. It's a red berry colour great for autumn and winter. LOVE IT. I wore it for one week without chipping.

- Rimmel Match Perfect 2 in 1 concealer & highlighter is a great item for under the eyes. I don't have really bad eye bags but a slight dark under circle. It covers my dark circle nicely, and brightens the eye area. Doesn't crease too much after about 6 hours it starts to crease a little bit in the lines. It's not drying at all. Hight recommend this product.

- Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent. This product is similar to Maybelline dream matte powder, It's a nice setting powder but a bit drying for winter /autumn because it tends to show my dry patches if I put on too much. I honestly prefer my Laura Mercier Mineral powder, gives that extra bit of coverage and sets the make up at the same time.

That's all for this post. A short one. Can't believe it's JUNE already..............
Take cares

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[]Rimmel product REVIEW part 1[]

Hey all,
Rimmel London is pretty much in every priceline, drugstore, target and other stores. It is a well done none-expensive makeup brand which provides re seasonable good quality products. I would say some of their products are even comparable with high-end department store.

This is the New ad for their Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks. the model's name is Zoey. She's gorgeous.

So here are a list of things I have from Rimmel London and one Nyx lipstick that I wanted to review as well.
Match Perfect 2 in 1 high light concealer
Nyx lipstick in pumpkin pie
Rimmel Moisture renewal in Spotlight Beige
Rimmel Moisture renewal in Vintage Pink
Rimmel Lasting finish in Airy Fairy
Rimmel Lasting finish in Asia
Rimmel Eye brow pencil

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
Rimmel Natural Bronzer powder in 022

Rimmel Lasting nail polish in sunshine
Rimmel Lasting nail polish in tangerine
Rimmel Pro professional finish in icon style
Rimmel Pro professional finish in hypnotise

Here's some swatches of lipstick on hand
Picture taken under natural sunlight with no flash. Indoor bathroom lighting.
Left to right:
Nyx lipstick in pumpkin pie
Rimmel Moisture renewal in Spotlight Beige
Rimmel Moisture renewal in Vintage Pink
Rimmel Lasting finish in Airy Fairy
Rimmel Lasting finish in Asia

The bottom is the eyebrow pencil and bronzer next to that.

Here's some Swatches on the lips
These pictures taken under natural indoor bathroom lighting
No flash used.
Here are my bare lips.
Nyx pumpkin Pie:
a smooth moisturising lipstick with a beige nude colour but doesn't make me look DEAD. quite like it, but the lasting power is so so.

Rimmel Moisture renewal in Spotlight Beige:
A deeper peach beige nude color. I really like this one. I got it from Ebay. Don't think they sell it in the stores, I only saw nude delight which is too light for my Nc20 skintone.

Rimmel Moisture renewal in Vintage Pink:
I saw swatches of this color online, it was so beautiful, but when I bought it and wore it. It's more purple than pink. very cool toned colour. It's similar to Revlon color burst mauve but even more purple. Think it doesn't suit my warn skintone.

Rimmel Lasting finish in Airy Fairy:
This is a very famous color, On me it looks natural pink. just simply love it. it is a lasting finish formula but on me it doesn't really last. But I love the colour so much I bought back ups of this. Also I saw swatches online, Mac Fabby is the exact dupe. If they discontinued this you can buy Mac Fabby for replacement.

Rimmel Lasting finish in Asia:
This color is a bit more browny/rosey. no shimmers. Looks my lips but better kind of colour.
Not too dramatic and suits my NC 20 skintone. Lasting power is so so as well.

Overview of Lipsticks:
Rimmel do make really nice lipsticks. the moisture renewal formula is great if you have dry lips. and they just recently came out with new Lasting Finish Formula I haven't tried it yet. tell me how that goes if you tried them.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil:
The pencil is great , lasts all day even with my oily skin. it's not too pigmented so that you can build up the colour and if you make mistakes you can rub it out. I use this every day So really like it. Also has a brush on the cap to brush out the brow hair so make it a more natural looking.

Rimmel Natural Bronzer:
Believe it or not, i like this better than my NARS Laguna bronzer. reason being this is matte finish and not too pigmented, has more of a warm tone and you can build up the color. fool proof. does'nt make me look dirty or orange. I LOVE IT!!!!. HIGHLY recommended. If you want a more natural bronzer I suggest this and it's soooo much cheaper compared to the Nars Laguna bronzer.

GO out there and try this bronzer!!!!

That's all I have to say for these products. Part 2 coming up.

Any questions or suggestions please leave in comment below.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[] Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle powder initial review~~[][]

Hey all ~~
Today I'm going to initial review a product I recently bought. It is the Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Powder Foundation. I am not a Lancome user. In fact this is my first time using a Lancome product. From a lot of reviews and things I heard this foundation is great for keeping skin from oiliness and sliding off your face. So it's a more of a summer foundation.

But I have combination oily skin in summer and combination dry skin in winter. Right now it's sort of combination dry.

It claims to give a brightness to the face with 12 hours Lasting unfading natural perfection. and It is a Mineral based formula suitable for sensitive skin. Great for shin control and giving a poreless look. with SPF 35 PA +++.

Here is a list of sites you can see other people's reviews and things:

So the package it came in is a silver box with rose sign on it. and case and the foundation comes in different box. I didn't see this foundation in makeup counters in Australia. I think it is an Asia exclusive foundation. but I could be wrong.

SO this is what the products look like opened from the package.

You have to put the foundation inside the case from the back and click it into place. The shade I got is O-01. It's a neutral tone but the lightest shade. I know it might be a bit too light for me. But It's a brightening foundation, and I do want to make my face look a might more bright than making it looking dark. You can check my foundation shade on the side bar for various brands if you are wondering.

This is what it looks like after putting every thing together and it comes with a Huge mirror. The only thing about this packaging is there's no secure clip to make sure the case is really closed.
The sponge is a bit smaller than expected. It is dual sided. One side is conventional porous latex sponge feel, the other is soft velvety feel which is used to smooth the pores and things.

The foundation is applied on the right hand side of the hand and photo taken with flash (fill in).
It can be tell that there's foundation, has a light -medium coverage but can still see the skin from underneath. So it's more like letting your own skin shine through rather than covering it all up.

So lets see how this works out on my face.
Photo taken in natural bathroom lighting like 7 am in the morning.

Here's a picture of my bare face. you can see my freckles, acne scars and pores and things that I don't want people to see. HAHAHA

So I applied the Clinique city block SPF25 ++ as a primer/base. I found this sunblock is great for powder foundations and really bad for liquid foundation. it's too sticky and tacky for the liquid but great for powders to grab onto.

Here's a photo of the foundation applied after the Clinique sunblock. I think it covers pores and some light freckles but still leaving the skin looking natural. None cakey.
And the same as above but taken with a flash, just to compare.

I haven't used it enough to give a proper review but This is my initial thoughts:
I think this foundation covers about 60% of imperfections. hides pores but a bit drying if you didn't moisturize well. So if you have dry skin I might give it a second thought. I also think that the lasting power is quite good may be 5-6 hours not 12 hours unless you cake it on a thick layer and none of the oil comes through.

Another thing that I'm concerned is that, because it absorbs oil from skin, will it make my skin produce more oil because it is trying to balance itself out?
The colour o-01 is brightening for me but does have an ashy look to it may be because of the SPF. but after like 1 hour it looks more natural.

Will do a proper review once used it long enough.

hehe. Tell me what you think. or any other suggestions for great powder foundations.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

[] smokey purple & FOTD []~~

Hey all
Hope you all enjoying your weekend.
Just wanted to do a purple look today because I love purple. I think every one knows that by now.^^

I've had Nars DT blush for a while now. and from the photo below you can see it's nearly finished. hehe a well loved blush. So here's a list of things I used.

- Estee Lauder DWL
- Maquillage foundation OC-10
- Nars DT blush
- Rimmel Natural bronzer(do review soon)

- Lavschuca eyebrow set
- Canmake eyebrow mascara
- Too faced shadow insurance
- Visee glam nude N-2 ( the top right color as base)
- Majorlica Marjoca the grey color all over lid
- Shu Uemura M980 matte colour for crease
- Mac technikal liner black for water line
- kissme heorine mascara

-Revlon colorburst in Raspberry (dabbed on)

Lets start with bare eyes..... nothing on them.. looks a bit dead

Apply the base colour from Visee pallete, and apply the grey colour all over the lid.
also apply the grey along the lower lashes.

Apply Shu Uemura's purple colour in the crease.or close to lashes. also apply in the outter corner of lower lashes.

Apply mac eyeliner in waterline for both upper and bottom waterline.

Curl your lashes and apply mascara. I only applied one layer. you can put as much as you like.

So here's an close eye of the finished makeup.

Apply bronzer in contour area. and blush on your checks. dab on some lipstick and good to go.

The eye colours are actually darker in real life. I think I might wear this look to a wedding to match my purple dress ^^.not sure yet. But I personally wouldn't dare to wear this during the day. quite heavy make up.

I also like this dark purple because It's not the girly type of purple. More a chic look than girly impression.

That's all from me for this post.

take cares. ^^

Will do a Rimmel products review soon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

[] ELF (eyes, lips and face) HauL ~~[][]

Hey all ~~
Hope you all had a great weekend, and celebrated Mother's Day with your lovely mommy/grandma ^^.

Well today, just going to show a mini ELF half.
I've always been wanting to try ELF, but the Australian website really suck. nothing on there, and the USA & UK website doesn't ship to Australia.

Finally found a website which sells ELF, NYX, SLEEK, Barry M and etc.
Superfast SHIPMENT!!! I mean it like literally next day delivery.

So I got two mineral lipstick, Nicely nude and Runway pink.
and their Golden Bronzer. The little mineral pigment came as a sample.

THe back of the package... click the image the see bigger picture.

The above picture is the Golden Bronzer with falsh. Looks pretty cool. has highlighter and bronzing colour. can mix it up.

So this is bronzer and lipstick under natural sunlight. I like the package. black and sleek.

the bronzer come with a huge mirror.

Above picture: Left runway pink, Right Nicely Nude. (slight shimmer)
Above picture: Swatch of lipstick under natural light.
Left is nicely nude ( a bit more peacher and slight hint of shimmer)
Right is runway pink ( barbie pink, a dupe for Mac Creme Cup)
Bottom is the brown loose mineral pigment

Above is the swatch of the bronzer four grids as it is in order. I like the bottom right grid colour.
The bronzer is super shimmery. more for summer I think.

Finally a swatch of Nicely Nude on my lips. wearable every day pink.
That's all for today.

take cares.. gonna be busy this week... ><

Thursday, May 5, 2011

[] Simple Coffret D'or FOTD~~[]

Hey all.~~
Just wanted to do a simple FOTD.
can't believe it's already May... saw lots of April's favourites video on youtube. LOL.

So here's a list of things that I used for this look. just a simple day look.

- Estee Lauder Double Wear light in intensity 01 (my second tube)
- Maquillage Powder Foundation
- Rimmel highlight concealer ( LOVE THIS STUFF!!)
- Nars Deep Throat blush. (hit pan and nearly finished)

-Coffret D'or Pallete in 04
- Mac powerpoint liner in duck
- Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander

- Revlon Colorburst in Mauve (new favourite lipstick)

The packaging is classic. Very nice for a drugstore brand. thought a bit expensive if you buy it in priceline. I got mine online for $6.00 USD. HAHAHA

So here's some swatches. THe left side is only applied once. so you can pack on the colour and the right is a heavier swatch.This is my bare lips. ugly T___T

This is what the lipstick looks like on lips in natural lighting.

So for eyes, use the light colour of the coffret d'or pallete as highlight. use the blended colour as all over the lid. then use Mac eyeliner to line your eyes. I didn't care if it was a messy line or not because you go over the liner with the dark brown colour from the pallete.

Apply Mascara to both bottom and top lashes.

Put on some blush. dab on the revlon lipstick.
and you are good to go.

Need to fix up my eyebrows.. hahaha it's becoming unruly LOL..

YES finally Friday. looking forward to weekend..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[] Maquillage & Coffret D'or HauL ~~[]

Hey all ~~
I bought some stuff that was released not long ago. Just wanted to share my initial thoughts of these products.

First thing is the Coffret D'or Perfect Grade Eyes Pallete.
It's in the shade 04. A neutral peachy colour and a like brown colour. Both have shimmer.
I like other pallete I had from Coffret D'or with similar colour I forgot what is it called. But came out a while ago. This perfect grade eyes pallete contains two colour buy can mix to get a middle colour.

That's what the Package looks like. I didn't buy the case for it. I thought it's just the company trying to make more money. It doesn't makes sense to not have a case when you buy foundation/eyeshadows and things.

This is how it looks like when opened.
Comparing to my other coffret d'or pallete from a while ago. I really liked the old pallete.

Here's some swatches. Top Row is the old pallete. the pale peachy colour is lighter than the perfect grade eyes. and the brown is slightly more gray. The Bottom is the Perfect Grade Eyes. so the middle one is mixed two colours together.

So the Next item is Shiseido Maquillage White Lighting Powdery UV Foundation Compact.
(the longest name =__=|||)
The packaging is very girly I have to say. but elegant at the same time.

So this is the powder and the case comes separately . YOu have to put them together.
I got the Colour OC-10

This is what the foundation looks like under natural indoor lighting.
OC-10 Is actually just a tad lighter than Coffret D'or OC-C.
I use to be NC20-Nc25 So OC-C is a bit dark. the Maquillage one is actually more brightening. Good to use in winter. The OC-C is suitable for summer when I get a bit more tanned.

Here's a comparison picture betweetn Maquiallage Oc10 (left) and Coffret D'or OC-C (right)
photo above taken with flash. below is taken in natural light.
As you can see OC-10 is a bit more pink/neutral tones. where as OC-C is more yellow and darker. and YAYYYY for hitting pan =P

Initial Review of the foundation:
I use it couple times. The powder is very fine. gives a more satiny finish than matte. Does have light reflective properties. Minimises the look of my pores. oil absorbing powers are not very efficient. So I suggest using in winter. if it's summer. Might not hold.

That's all I have to say for now.

have a great week guys.