Monday, May 9, 2011

[] ELF (eyes, lips and face) HauL ~~[][]

Hey all ~~
Hope you all had a great weekend, and celebrated Mother's Day with your lovely mommy/grandma ^^.

Well today, just going to show a mini ELF half.
I've always been wanting to try ELF, but the Australian website really suck. nothing on there, and the USA & UK website doesn't ship to Australia.

Finally found a website which sells ELF, NYX, SLEEK, Barry M and etc.
Superfast SHIPMENT!!! I mean it like literally next day delivery.

So I got two mineral lipstick, Nicely nude and Runway pink.
and their Golden Bronzer. The little mineral pigment came as a sample.

THe back of the package... click the image the see bigger picture.

The above picture is the Golden Bronzer with falsh. Looks pretty cool. has highlighter and bronzing colour. can mix it up.

So this is bronzer and lipstick under natural sunlight. I like the package. black and sleek.

the bronzer come with a huge mirror.

Above picture: Left runway pink, Right Nicely Nude. (slight shimmer)
Above picture: Swatch of lipstick under natural light.
Left is nicely nude ( a bit more peacher and slight hint of shimmer)
Right is runway pink ( barbie pink, a dupe for Mac Creme Cup)
Bottom is the brown loose mineral pigment

Above is the swatch of the bronzer four grids as it is in order. I like the bottom right grid colour.
The bronzer is super shimmery. more for summer I think.

Finally a swatch of Nicely Nude on my lips. wearable every day pink.
That's all for today.

take cares.. gonna be busy this week... ><


Supergirl said...

Love the lipstick shades! Nicely Nude looks really great:)

Askmewhats said...

nice on next day delivery! I love the shades of lipsticks you picked up!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to drop by and say that I enjoy looking and reading your blog! And that the ELF Golden Bronzer (in my opinion)can easily be a dupe for the Cargo in Baja, except a little less pigmented. If you have time, check out my blog!

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