Monday, September 13, 2010

~[] New Hair & FOTD[]~~

Hey all ~~~

News!!! hehehe I permed my hair.......... I'm sick of straight hair.. had it since I was in High school... Time for a change. So I told the lady at the salon I want beach wave hair. HAHAHA since it's summer soon.. So I guess it's acceptable???
That's how it turned out.... I like how it turned out the only thing is that It gets a bit frizzy after washing.. but besides that I like it. even if it's messy. who cares.. it's a messy hair style..

I got the Garnier Surf Hair texture paste.. Smells grate and helps with the curls to make it like surf hair..

So here's the FOTD products. ^^

- Clinique Superfit Foundation in Bare ( I bought that shade for winter... looks quite pale)
- Orbis UV cut SPf34++
- Laura Mercier Mineralize Powder in Sand
- Maybelline Mineral Powder blush in soft mavue
- Mac Brow gel in Beguile
- Mac Power point eyeliner in Duck
- Majolica Marjoca Lash Frame PLus ( the comb one)

A picture With Flash. .... I think with flash it gives a better ideal of the colours and things. BTw using Acuevue Define Contacts in Brown. the Natural Brown one.. Not too bad I should say...... Looks Natural Indeed ^^ But does have an enlarging effect.

Thank's all for today.. Hope you guys like my hair too ^^ (getting ready for summer)

Take cares.~~~

Friday, September 10, 2010

[] Fragrance for Summer [][]

Hey guys..
I am looking for a New summer fragrance.. Something light.. not too heavy but at the same time smells fresh and feminine. Here are some of the ones I found that I like but I can't decide which one to get.. PLEASE HELP?? any opinions as to what you guys like??

Marc Jacobs Daisy
Burberry Brit Sheer

Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue

Gucci Envy Me

[] August Favourites[]~~

Hey all
How's every one? been busy busy busy??
Sorry I haven't updated for a while.. been busy these days.... Just gonna do a quick update on my August Favourites.. I can't believe August went past just like that @__@...

1. Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion by Kose
My new moisturiser, I tried the Junkisui I found it a bit too oily for my combination skin it's just right for those winter months but it's getting hot here in Australia so decided to change to this one. The Sekkisei has whitening affect by using herbal ingredients rather than artificial organic chemicals. I find it moisturising enough but not oily. LOVE IT...

2. HadaLabo Shilojyun Lotion (whitening one) I don't use this as my daily lotion because it's way too moisturising for me. SO what I do is soak my cotton mask sheets in this and use it as a mask. Great for a short term mask, does it not only boost my skin hydration but also whitening because it contains alot of Vitamin C.

3. Linique Mild Clarifying Lotion, This is my daily lotion just tab a bit on a cotton ball wipe all over my face.... and It has cleared up all my pimples and keeping them at bay.. Even if I have a pimple coming up.. Use this and next day I can feel it going down and less red. Works great on my sensitive/combination skin. LOVE IT.. Not harsh at all. I use to use the Clinique Number II lotion.. god that alcohol smell........... This one has NO ALCOHOL!!!! yeeepeee for me...

4. Clinique Happy Heart Fragrance, It's currently Spring here and summer is coming !!! CAN"T WAIT........ and this is my go to fragrance for spring summer.. a very nice fresh scent not too in your face......... makes me happy!!! gota try it... !!!

5. Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Soft Mavue, I've been using this every day just get some on the lid dip your brush in it and sweep it on my cheeks.. It's great even when I'm in a rush because the colour is SOOOO buildable and not as pigmented so you won't over apply and look like a clown.^^ LOVE it........ the colour is a natural pink colour...

6. MAC Powerpoint eyeliner in DUCK. ...... quak quak...... This eyeliner I picked up recently becaues I wanted something for my upper lid which doesn't smudge.......... and the MA at MAC helped me.. she was so kind... (not the bitchy type, thank god)... a Neutral Dark Brown... stays at bay all day .. didn't budge. even on my oily lids.. hehehehe... They had another colour I wanted A purple one.. may be next time....

Last but not the Least A picture of Max Brenner Waffles.. YUM>........ was dinner for me on Thursday.. HAHAHAHA.. pigging out..

Take Care have a great Weekend.