Sunday, March 24, 2013

Korean Skincare Haul

 Hey all ~~
just going to update with a Korean skincare. Was watching a few youtube videos on korean skincare items.
so now the most craziest thing is snail filtrate in Korean. from foundation, bb cream to skincare to eye cream. you name it.

So I decided to buy a few Items.. they can all be bought from Ebay.

 - Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream
- Ciracle Anti Blemish Aqua Cream
- IOPE Bio Essence Intensive conditioning (dupe for SKII )
- Ciracle Hydra B5 Source (serum)
- Ciracle C20 Vitamin C serum (for lighting acne scars)

Left: Mizon snail cream
Right: Ciracle anti blemish aqua cream

I prefer the texture of the Anti blemish aqua cream, contains no silicones like dimethicones, cyclopentasiloxane or similar things. the Mizon one contains silicones. I am not sure. I think I might be allergic to Silicones..........

Having a bad skin reaction now a days so I will get back to you on the skincare items.

But so far the Vitamin serums are a bit too strong for my skin right now. because in middle of a reaction, trying to calm it down. but the Ciracle Anti Blemish Aqua cream has Aloe Vera and Lemon peel oil so it calms my skin down.

Hope every had a good weekend..

Easter soon... yay ~~

Sunday, March 17, 2013

[] Products I Would Repurchase~~~[]

 Hey all ~~~
I wanted to share with every one products that I have or would repurchase. So its from skincare/haircare to makeup items. Some of the products I have repurchased and has been in the stash for years. I won't go into too much detail but would tell you briefly what I think about them.

 Left to Right:
- Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum 
I love this stuff. So crazily expensive, but worth every penny, it helps fade my acne scars. My skin tone has changed after 2 months of using this. skin stays hydrated less oily. and repairs damage when you sleep just wonderful. Have a back up of 50 mL ready to be used up.

- Bioderma sensibio micellar solution
removes all my foundations even the most long lasting ones (estee lauder double wear, revlon colorstay) and waterproof eyemakeup. gentle on the skin no weird smell. it can be washed away with water. just brilliant.

- Clinique 7 day scrub
I use this scrub once or twice a week. just does the job without irritating my sensitive skin.

- Klorane dry shampoo with oat milk
This is what I use every other day because I wash my hair once every 2 days. It gives volume back to the hair, and doesn't make it oily. looks like you just washed your hair. convenient and easy to use. no funky weird artificial smell. bought this countless amount of times.

- Queen Helene, Mint Julep masque
This is a purifying/clarifying mask, the type that contains clay or kaolin to draw out the dirt and oil in the pores. it says helps to dry up acne/pimples, rise away blackheads and shrink pores.
I find it do make my pores cleaner and it does draw out the impurities stuck in my pores. I use this once or twice a week. This is my 2nd or 3rd tube already.

- Caudalie Divine Oil 
This stuff is amazing!!!can be used as oil in the summer for an overall glowing skin when you are taking sun bath. can be used as facial oil for massages and things. can be used as hair oil. SMELLS SOOO GOOD. I use this as hair oil, it doesn't make my hair look oily or stuck together, it makes it look healthy and shiny. and smells so good. made from natural ingredients. would do review of this individually.

- Mac Brow Set gel in beiguile
Bought this may be 3 times, its just the most easiest thing to use. It grooms and fills in my brows at the same time. no hassle, no clean up. provide a bit of tint. just pure love.

- Estee lauder Double Wear foundation 
I use this all the time when I need extra coverage. when going out at night or even to some weddings and places where I need my foundation to just STAY PUT all day. and this does, with no fuss. no streakiness, melting mess, no patchiness or even oxidizing to some crazy orange/dark face. Just simple great. But have to remove this stuff really good at night because it sticks to your face until you get it off. I think this is my third bottle?

- Dr Jart Silver Label BB cream
this is my 2nd repurchase. I reviewed this long time ago. years back. great coverage! lasts a long time. beneficial for the skin, contains sunscreen. just great all in one product. I put this one when I am in a hurry or just a simple brunch / quick run out to the shops. would recommend this BB cream. I also love the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream. these two are equivalent in my book.

- Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation (Loose)
I love this stuff, I use it as my setting powder for my foundation, it gives the nicest glow and a bit of extra coverage. So your face don't look flat. Its just more of a natural product, not overly matte or shimmery like Bare Minerals. I'm up to my 3rd Jar of this stuff. and the Jar is HUGE!!!

 - Mac Lipsticks
Okay, This is the part where I have never finished a Mac lipstick because I have all these other lipsticks I need to finish up. But the creme sheen formular is AMAZING, I got Modesty, Fanfare and I wanna try other shades. I also love the shade Cravings. nicest berry/pink colour for atumn/winter.

- Revlon Lip Butters
Do I even need to say any thing about this? Its ALL over the beauty community. The shades I like are Berry Smoothie and Raspberry Pie. LOVE.....~~~~~~~~~~

- Bobbi Brown Color Rich Lipsticks
crazy pigmentation and just wears really well. the two I have is Crimson (super dark vampy lips) and Soft Coral ( all time favourite for summer/spring)

- Rimmel Apocolips
My new favourite, liquid lipstick with a bit of glossy finish, none sticky lasts really well. colours are amazing. review post coming up. but the shade Luna is my favourite haven't tried the BOLD red colours, but will give it a go .

- Kiss me Heorine Volume & Curl
HG macara. bought it so many times lost count already, replace this every couple months so bacteria don't accumulate. it stays all day. no smudges!! just great. gives my lashes lots of volume and holds curl perfectly too.

- Rimmel Scanleyes 
This pencil/gel eyeliner is so crazily good. so pigmented. can be smudged when you just apply it, when its set. it doesn't even budge. just great!! new discovery. pick it up in UK for 3.99 pounds

- Mac powerpoint liner 
Got the shade in DUCK, just LOVE, long lasting. no fuss. highly recommended, a bit more expensive though.

- Mac fluidline 
Love this stuff, I think mine has dried up already. so I need to get a new one may be. I got this in blacktrack and macroviolet. its great for waterline doesn't move non-irritating. just have to close the lid tightly after use so it doesn't get dried up.

Would love to know what products you would repurchase.~~~~~~

Happy Monday.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

[] Top 10 Brushes ~~[]

 Hey all ~~~
Just wanted to update you with some brushes that I use all the time, may be not all at once but alternating for different occasions. Some are for foundations, some are for cheek products, and others are for eye makeup.

Here's a photo of some face brushes.

Left to Right:
- Everyday Minerals Kabuki Brush
I had this brush ever since when Everyday Minerals first came out, many years back. I use it to buff in mineral foundations (EDM, Bare minerals or laura mercier). It is great, it has a short handle so it fits in a make up bag without taking too much space. application wise it is great, evenly distribute product and super soft on the face. 

- Everyday Minerals Stippling Duo Fiber brush
This brush I use to apply cream blush or blush that's really pigmented, or a light layer of powder to set my foundation. its super soft high quality, the handle is a bit long though.

- Everyday Minerals Plush Mineral Brush
This brush I bought it because the shape, it can be used to apply powder ( which I some times do) or blush. I find to work excellent with cream blush!!. except the handle is a bit long so hard to travel with.

- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I LOVE this brush, if you haven't got it yet. I suggest you go out there and buy it. Its great for every thing! mineral/liquid foundation, blush, bronzer or powder you name it. its not a round brush its an oval shape, which is what I LOVE about it. because it gets to every corner and the natural contour of the face around your nose, side of the temple and things. Its super soft and just the right amount of bristle density. pure love.

- Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
I ran out and bought this brush after the hype of beauty community, stating that it applies foundation of any sort with great ease. I would have to agree with that. But it applies powder quite heavily and gives alot more coverage due to the fact that the bristles are so dense and they are flat. so most powder would land where you initially touch the face. For none thick liquid foundation application it is wonderful. So streaks and its super quick application. time saving.~~~ plus its super soft on the skin. highly recommended. 

- Ecotools blush brush
I use this everyday to apply my blush without fail. its easy to use, easy to clean. Not the SOFTEST brush out there, but soft enough for blush application. the quality is pretty good. wash it countless times and its still good. 

Top to Bottom
- Kose Visee Cream Eyeliner brush
I use this to apply gel liners like mac fluidline type of eyeliner. Its super easy, stiff enough so its not flimsy. but not SCRATCHY and hurting your eyes type. It also comes with a little cap to protect the brush. It easy to clean and store. Just makes my life much easier. This came with the Visee liner I bough. 

Special Edition Mac Brushes from a limited set of brushes. Forgot what collection it was.

- Mac 275SE 
I use this to blend my eyeshadow, it is made from natural hair, I actually prefer synthetic brushes. But the size and shape its just perfect for that purpose.

- Mac 219SE Pencil brush
this brush is usually used for all purpose. I find it i use it to blend eyeliners out.. smudge eyeshadows on the bottom of the eye. just good to have around. thought don't reach for it as often as the 275.

- Mac  212SE 
I use this to apply eyeshadow dry or wet as an eyeliner as oppose to gel liners. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow for the bottom eyelash area because its so flat. It's a stiff brush but not scratchy and not too hard. so It's gentle enough to be used that way. 

Thats my top brushes that I use all the time.

Would love to hear what are your favourite brushes.

Have a great weekend. ~~~

Saturday, March 9, 2013

[]UK Haul~~[]

 Hey all ~~~
 I was in UK for 2 months on an exchange program. so I picked up a few things there. so Boots and Superdrug is like Priceline of Australia. They sell all the affordable makeup and skincare items. and then there's John Lewis, House of Fraser and Debenhams the high end department stores.

So this post will be just beauty related things, I will do another clothing haul from shops like Primark, H&M, Top shop. I didn't buy any thing from Zara though.  but I was eying this pair of heels boots, but wasn't in stock at my Local Zara in Nottinham so bad luck.

- Deboral Lippmann- stairway to heaven
- Rimmel Pro Lycra - French Ivory
- China Glaze - Luxe and lush
- Nubar - black  polka dot
- Essie - Marshmallow

I find that Essie is quite expensive in UK they sell it for like 8 pounds a bottle.

- Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour
- Estee Lauder - Senuous nude
- Calvin Klein - Forbidden euphoria

 I picked up Lidl's suddenly madame galmour because alot of reviews say that it is a dupe for Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. I compared the two it is really similar, can't really tell between the two, probably the staying power might be a bit different. I think its an absolute bargain because its only 4 pounds. I think CK's forbidden euphoria is my new favourite fragrance, smells kind of citrus at the start but it goes away pretty quickly and gives you this sexy sweet sophisticated smell. not overly sweet, I hate those sugary overly teenage smells. I picked  the 30mL just to try but i regret buying the big one while I had the chance at duty free. Sensuous Nude by EL is another favourite, it has this woody warm vanilla smell with a touch of Honey. It's just makes u feel warm and cosy, it is really strong I sprayed too much once feel a bit light headed. one or two sprits max, or else its too overpowering for the person wearing it. Its not one of those fragrances that you can smell miles away if its on some one, it wears close to body. 

Base Makeup:
- Baremineral Primetime oil control and oil free (no silicone, no fragrance)
- Bareminerals Ready Foundation SPF20 in medium beige
- Estee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco 2N2
- Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in soft beige (slightly a bit dark for me)

 This is what they looks like out of the box.

-  MUA Heaven and Earth palette
- Mac quad (all that glitters, sable, texture and swiss chocolate)
- Maybelline colour tattoo in inked pink and on and on bronze
- Bourjois eyeshadow
- Mac studio finish concealer in NC30

- Revlon lip butter in raspberry pie
- Revlon matte lipstick in mauve it over
- Rimmel Kate lipstick in 107
- Revlon kissable balm stain in Crush
- Rimmel Apocalips in celestile
- Rimmel Apocalips in Luna
- Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in  03

 - Rimmel Scandleyes in Black and Bronze
- Rimmel Eyebrow pencil in hazel
- Real Techniques Expert Face brush
- Quinoderm5 (5% w/w benzylperoxide and 0.5% w/w of potassium hydroxyquinoline sulphate)

This is a combination of antibacteria and benzylperoxide cream to fight acne/pimples. I bought this at Boots Pharmacy for 5 pounds and it keeps my pimples at bay. But I am having an allergic reaction to Origins Mushroom mask so my skin is like bumpy and feels hot and some times itchy right now. I need to let it calm down.

- La Roche Posay Anthelios AC SPF30+ sunscreen
- Khiels Avocado eyecream
- Soap and Glory Pulp Friction body scrub
- Clinique 7 day scrub
- Soap and Glory hand food (not in picture)
- Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (not in picture)
- Liz Earle instant boost skin tonic (not in picture)
- Estee Lauder Advanced night repair and also the eye cream (not in picture)
- Origins modern friction (not in picture)

Here's some picture of the MUA Heaven and Eath palette

Here's some swatches.

That was a long post. hopefully I didn't miss out any thing. Glad to be home back in the sunshine country of Australia.

Have a great weekend every one. ~~~

Friday, March 8, 2013

[] Best skincare of 2012~~~[]

 Hey all
just going to share my favourite skincare items for 2012.

 - Sana Nameraka foaming cleanser
- Perfect Oil Shiseido makeup remover ( use this to take off my makeup like EL DW)
- A'kin gentle exfoliating facial scrub
- Clinique 7 day scrub (gentle enough to use every day)


- Khiels avocado eye cream (repurchased this like 5 times HG eye cream)
- Estee Lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex (heals acne scars and pimples can see difference made with one night of use)
- Senka Shiseido whitening toner/lotion
- Hadalabo super hylauranic acid lotion
- Caudalie vinoperfect enzyme peel mask
- Queen Helene Mint Julep masque (use this draw out the impurities in pores)

These items are suitable for sensitive skin. I have combination oily skin so I don't use thick moisturizes so the two lotions provide enough moisture if I need any thing more I use the Estee lauder serum. its really really good. it's damn expensive but worth every penny.  just bought a new 50mL bottle for my mum along with the eye cream from the same line.

Quick update today. leave comments if you have any questions.

[]Best Makeup of 2012~~[]

 Hey ~~
I know I am super late to be doing the best of 2012 posts, but I've been away for 3 months in UK and now back home. FINALLY~~ It was so cold there but the snow was amazing. will put up some nice pictures of UK: places I have visited.

So here's a list of favourites of 2012, its just makeup products for now. the skincare things will be in another post.

- Clinique even better foundation in 03 Ivory (spring/summer time) nearly finished 
- Clarins Skin Illusion foundation in 108 SAND (autumn/winter time) nearly finished too
- Laura Mercier Mineral powder foundation in real sand (use this as setting powder)
- Bareminerals Original foundation in medium beige (use this on days I don't need lots of coverage)

- Mac Fleur Power (spring time mostly)
- Nars Oasis (winter fall)
- Nars Orgasm ( all the time when every in a hurry)
- Nars Laguna bronzer (broken  so sad so I can't bring it with me )
- NYC sunny bronzer
- Benefit Highbeam (love this highlighter) 

- Mac Craving lipstick (amplified formula)
- Mac Fanfare lipstick (cremesheen formula)
- Maybelline yummy plummy
- Jack Black lipblam spf25 (Lemon) not in the picture but its amazing.

you know how I use usually neutral shades:
- Wet & wild walking on egg shell
- Stila Lovely in London palette
- Illamaqua Complement palette
- Benefit busy signal cream eyeshadow
- Shu Umuera pearl neutral eyeshadows

- Mac Blacktrack ( all time favourite)
- Mac brow tint in beiguile
- Kiss me Active girl mascara
- Kiss me heroine volume and curl mascara (love this one, have a back up of it)
- Revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner
- Prestige waterproof eyeliner in black
- Mac powerpoint liner in duck
- Kiss me heroine pen liner

That would be all for 2012. skincare will be in another post.

stay tuned for more posts coming up.

Back from UK

Hey all
I have been away for a long time I know, I have been busy before Christmas and New Years because I was preparing for my UK exchange program. so filing all the documents to go to Nottingham for a couple months to work in a hospital there.

but I am back now so will post things that suppose to be posted in January. so will try to catch up on recent postings.

Stay Tuned.

Wish everyone is having a wonderful year so far.