Friday, March 8, 2013

[] Best skincare of 2012~~~[]

 Hey all
just going to share my favourite skincare items for 2012.

 - Sana Nameraka foaming cleanser
- Perfect Oil Shiseido makeup remover ( use this to take off my makeup like EL DW)
- A'kin gentle exfoliating facial scrub
- Clinique 7 day scrub (gentle enough to use every day)


- Khiels avocado eye cream (repurchased this like 5 times HG eye cream)
- Estee Lauder advanced night repair synchronized recovery complex (heals acne scars and pimples can see difference made with one night of use)
- Senka Shiseido whitening toner/lotion
- Hadalabo super hylauranic acid lotion
- Caudalie vinoperfect enzyme peel mask
- Queen Helene Mint Julep masque (use this draw out the impurities in pores)

These items are suitable for sensitive skin. I have combination oily skin so I don't use thick moisturizes so the two lotions provide enough moisture if I need any thing more I use the Estee lauder serum. its really really good. it's damn expensive but worth every penny.  just bought a new 50mL bottle for my mum along with the eye cream from the same line.

Quick update today. leave comments if you have any questions.

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gigidob said...

I also love the Estée Lauder ANR and have seen a difference in my complexion since I started using it nightly last year. As you said, i find it heals spots and scars on my sensitive skin very quickly. Curious to try the Caudalie mask!