Saturday, March 16, 2013

[] Top 10 Brushes ~~[]

 Hey all ~~~
Just wanted to update you with some brushes that I use all the time, may be not all at once but alternating for different occasions. Some are for foundations, some are for cheek products, and others are for eye makeup.

Here's a photo of some face brushes.

Left to Right:
- Everyday Minerals Kabuki Brush
I had this brush ever since when Everyday Minerals first came out, many years back. I use it to buff in mineral foundations (EDM, Bare minerals or laura mercier). It is great, it has a short handle so it fits in a make up bag without taking too much space. application wise it is great, evenly distribute product and super soft on the face. 

- Everyday Minerals Stippling Duo Fiber brush
This brush I use to apply cream blush or blush that's really pigmented, or a light layer of powder to set my foundation. its super soft high quality, the handle is a bit long though.

- Everyday Minerals Plush Mineral Brush
This brush I bought it because the shape, it can be used to apply powder ( which I some times do) or blush. I find to work excellent with cream blush!!. except the handle is a bit long so hard to travel with.

- Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
I LOVE this brush, if you haven't got it yet. I suggest you go out there and buy it. Its great for every thing! mineral/liquid foundation, blush, bronzer or powder you name it. its not a round brush its an oval shape, which is what I LOVE about it. because it gets to every corner and the natural contour of the face around your nose, side of the temple and things. Its super soft and just the right amount of bristle density. pure love.

- Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
I ran out and bought this brush after the hype of beauty community, stating that it applies foundation of any sort with great ease. I would have to agree with that. But it applies powder quite heavily and gives alot more coverage due to the fact that the bristles are so dense and they are flat. so most powder would land where you initially touch the face. For none thick liquid foundation application it is wonderful. So streaks and its super quick application. time saving.~~~ plus its super soft on the skin. highly recommended. 

- Ecotools blush brush
I use this everyday to apply my blush without fail. its easy to use, easy to clean. Not the SOFTEST brush out there, but soft enough for blush application. the quality is pretty good. wash it countless times and its still good. 

Top to Bottom
- Kose Visee Cream Eyeliner brush
I use this to apply gel liners like mac fluidline type of eyeliner. Its super easy, stiff enough so its not flimsy. but not SCRATCHY and hurting your eyes type. It also comes with a little cap to protect the brush. It easy to clean and store. Just makes my life much easier. This came with the Visee liner I bough. 

Special Edition Mac Brushes from a limited set of brushes. Forgot what collection it was.

- Mac 275SE 
I use this to blend my eyeshadow, it is made from natural hair, I actually prefer synthetic brushes. But the size and shape its just perfect for that purpose.

- Mac 219SE Pencil brush
this brush is usually used for all purpose. I find it i use it to blend eyeliners out.. smudge eyeshadows on the bottom of the eye. just good to have around. thought don't reach for it as often as the 275.

- Mac  212SE 
I use this to apply eyeshadow dry or wet as an eyeliner as oppose to gel liners. It can also be used to apply eyeshadow for the bottom eyelash area because its so flat. It's a stiff brush but not scratchy and not too hard. so It's gentle enough to be used that way. 

Thats my top brushes that I use all the time.

Would love to hear what are your favourite brushes.

Have a great weekend. ~~~

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