Sunday, March 24, 2013

Korean Skincare Haul

 Hey all ~~
just going to update with a Korean skincare. Was watching a few youtube videos on korean skincare items.
so now the most craziest thing is snail filtrate in Korean. from foundation, bb cream to skincare to eye cream. you name it.

So I decided to buy a few Items.. they can all be bought from Ebay.

 - Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream
- Ciracle Anti Blemish Aqua Cream
- IOPE Bio Essence Intensive conditioning (dupe for SKII )
- Ciracle Hydra B5 Source (serum)
- Ciracle C20 Vitamin C serum (for lighting acne scars)

Left: Mizon snail cream
Right: Ciracle anti blemish aqua cream

I prefer the texture of the Anti blemish aqua cream, contains no silicones like dimethicones, cyclopentasiloxane or similar things. the Mizon one contains silicones. I am not sure. I think I might be allergic to Silicones..........

Having a bad skin reaction now a days so I will get back to you on the skincare items.

But so far the Vitamin serums are a bit too strong for my skin right now. because in middle of a reaction, trying to calm it down. but the Ciracle Anti Blemish Aqua cream has Aloe Vera and Lemon peel oil so it calms my skin down.

Hope every had a good weekend..

Easter soon... yay ~~

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