Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[] Origins VitaZing SPF15 moisturiser ~[]

Hey all~~
After seeing TiffanyD's youtube rave and other bloggers' reviews about Origins Vitazing SPF15 tinted moisturiser, I am very tempted to try it. And finally gave in. So it is an energy boosting moisturiser with Mangosteen.. sounds yummy. Actually my bf went to pick this up for me.. and while he's there they gave him a bunch of samples to try. HAHAHA.

This post will just be some initial thoughts about the product, so not really a review yet.

So this is what it looks like. comes in a 50 mL tube, hygienic because you can squeeze out the product you need. has an SPF 15, not really enough for out door activities under Australian sun, but if you are doing some office work or staying in doors for most of the time then I guess it should be enough.
Origins formulate their products without mineral oil, parabens and all other sorts of nasty things so less change of allergic reaction and not harmful to the skin. So that's one of the main reasons why I really LOVE Origins, me and mum have been using The Body Shop and Origins products for years.

This is what it looks like when you squeeze it out of the tube, white with little specs of brown dots.
When you spread it out, it's mainly white and you can still see the brown dots.

When you spread more, it changes colour to a warm/neutral skintone colour, but very sheer.
I think I would say this is about NC20. to NC25 kind of colour.

I read alot of review that it is actually too dark for some pale skintoned girls. for me it is a bit dark as well, but perfect for summer, because it gives a bit of Tanned look. I'm not sure how it will look for people with dark skintone.

So this is what it looks like on the right half of my hand. A glossy, semi matte kind of finish. Not oily at all. Absorbs well on my face. I really like it. It does have a smell to it, but it doesn't irritate me. I think I will be using this all summer.

When I use it long enough I will give a proper review as it is kind of a part of a skincare, because it's a moisturiser. The only down side is it's got SPF so can only use in the morning.

thats all for today. hope every one have a great week. ~~~

Monday, September 26, 2011

[] Voce September Scan~~[]

Hey all~~
Just wanted to share this magazine scan with everyone~~.
This part shows all the Japanese drug store best 5 items in different category.
You can click the picture to enlarge and see the details.

I wanted to try the Shiseido blue bottle lotion.

Love kiss me heorine volume & curl mascara. Magnum by maybelline is quite good too.

That's all for today..

Friday, September 23, 2011

[] Nail Polish Collection & NOTD ~~[]

Hey all~~
Just going to do a Nail Polish Collection today. Because I added a new member to this collection.

Think my favourite nail polish brands are OPI and Rimmel. First OPI has great range of colours, great quality. you can't beat that. then Rimmel is just cheap affordable, and the quality isn't bad for the price. I would say China Glaze in sort of in the middle, it has great colour ranges, but the polish some times becomes gummy, hard to dry and also with some polishes, it's either Hit or Miss.

So I took picture of the polishes I currently have in my collection.

Top LTR:
- Sephora by OPI Metro Chic
- OPI barefoot in barcelona
- OPI tickle my francey
- OPI you don't know jacks
- OPI Paris de Vous

Bottom LTR:
- China glaze for audrey
- China glaze ingrid
- China glaze sunset sail
- China glaze sea spray
Top LTR:
- Essie eternal optimist
- Essie not just a pretty face
- Essie minks & muffs
- Rimmel hypnotise
- Rimmel lively lilac
- Rimmel tangerine queen
- Rimmel Sunshine.

So the new polish that's added to the family is Rimmel's Lively Lilac. Saw it at the shop and fell in love straight away. first thing that attracted me like a magnet. HAHAHA.
I love purple and pastel colours are great for spring. Well it is spring in Sydney right now. bought it for $5.00

This is what it looks like.. Great pastel purple colour.
So the NOTD is using Rimmel lively lilac and China Glaze's sea spray another pastel colour.
I like it alot.. don't know what you all think ^__^

have a great weekend............

Monday, September 19, 2011

[] Sun Protection Reviews~~[]

Hey all~~~
Spring is here... I can already feel the heat........ that means Summer is just right around the corner.. and it's time to dig out those high SPF sunscreens. Last summer I went by using Estee Lauder Cyber White UV SPF 50 PA +++. but they discontinued it and came out with the new version which is really EXPENSIVE>........... crazy. So decided to try out other sun protection products.

Here's 6 of them I wanted to show you guys and compare:
- Aveeno Ultra Calming Daily Moisturiser SPF 15 UVA/UVB Sunscreen
- Eucerin Sensitive Skin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection
- L'oreal UV Perfect 12 H Longlasting protection Even Complexion SPF50 PA+++
- Shiseido Aqualabel White Protect Milk UV SPF30 PA++
- Estee Lauder Cyber White Brillant Cell Full Spectrum UV protector SPF50 PA+++
- Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen EX SPF50 PA+++

Here's a swatch on the hand in the same order as the photo. Anessa is the runniest. and Eucerin is the thickest leaves a white cast as well. and Aveeno UC is quite thick too.

Here's what it looks like spread out. as you can see Anessa is quite runny.

I put these sunscreen onto a blotting paper and test its oiliness or moisturising content.
This is what it looks like when just put on the paper. within 5 minutes.
This is after 1 hour.
This is after 3 hours
This is after 5 hours.

I would have to say my favourite is still Estee Lauder Cyber White....... second favourite to that is shiseido Aqualabel.
I broke out from Eucerin for some reason. ~~~ shame..........
Aveeno is too oily for me. may be during winter time....
L'oreal one is quite tacky.. takes AGES to dry/absorbed. and it's sticky.. feels heavy on face.. don't like it.
Anessa is a good choice too very good for summer.. high SPF....

So based on my combination/oily T-zone face the ranking would be:
- Estee Lauder
- Shiseido Aqualabel
- Anessa

There two I don't really use because one breaks me out...... one is so sticky makes me wanna wash it off my face straight away.

Monday, September 12, 2011

[] La Femme Blush swatch []

Hey all~~~.
Just wanted to share with you guys about La Femme blushes.
First of all I want to say.. the quality of these are SOOOO GOOOD for the price you pay. Unbelievable. the colour pay off is AMAZING... so pigmented. though that means you gota be careful when applying blush because you can so easily over do it and end up looking like a clown.

I purchased mine from :
The ones I purchased are called La Femme Blush on Rouge at $3.00 USD each.
Their shipping is very reasonable as well. Also have a TONE of colours to choose from.

So here's four colours I bought.
Top LTR: Coral Spice, Peach
Bottom LTR: Dusty Rose, Mocha
Here's a watch on the hand. Coral Spice is like Nars Orgasm. and PEACH is such a pretty summer colour. same order as above.

Then A lightly swatched on my arm. LTR: Coral Spice, Peach, Dusty Rose, Mocha.
These blushes are SOOOO pigmented, with the lightest touch on the finger gives you enough for 5 people's faces. HAHAH exaggerating, but you get what I mean.

So be really careful when applying. layer it bit by bit... you can always add more if you like.

HIGHLY recommended. lots of makeup artists use these. but the only thing is I can't apply these when I'm in a hurry, because there's just not enough time. LOL.

Cheers ......... have a great week. leave me questions or comments regarding these blushes.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

[]Lunasol three dimensional eyes 03 -FOTD~~[]

Hey all~~~~
I went out yesterday and I couldn't wait to try the new Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes palette so I did a quick FOTD. I was going for a more natural/subtle look so nothing dramatic.

I thought the pallete would be really shimmery but it turns out really pretty not over glittery like my Lunasol CORAL CORAL palette.......... I don't think my camera is doing any justice though.

Here a list of things I used for this FOTD:
- Cezanne powder foundation. I just did a review for this.
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Mac Fleur Power blush
- Mac powerpoint eyeliner in Duck ( brown)
- Lavshuca brow set LB-1 ( forgot to take photo)
- Canmake brow gel in 03 ( forgot this one too)
- Maquillage eyelash curler (sigh..... forgot this one as well)
- Too Faced shadow insurance
- Kiss me Heroine mascara (volume and curl)
- Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes in 03
- Estee Lauder lipstick in Crystal pink (old formula and packaging)

This is kind of like a semi tutorial post too. I tried to show the steps of how I used the palette, but I don't think it's any help though. sad.................. T__T

Pictures taken under natural indoor bathroom light. (No flash used)

First: Apply shadow insurance then Curl your lashes......... Apply the mac powerpoint eyeliner. Doesn't matter if it's messy. And kind of extend the outer corner a bit. I didn't wing it out. Also apply 1/3 of the outer corner of the lower lashes.
Apply the top right colour all over the lid as a base.
then apply the purple 1/2 of the lid blending upwards.
then use the brown from the palette to trace over the eyeliner you draw before. extending the corner and you can make a wing if you like. Using eyeshadows to make a wing makes it more natural than using eyeliners.
Take the white from the top left, apply it to the brow bone.
Apply Mascara and your done.
This is what it looks like quite subtle shimmery look. but my camera doesn't do the justice of showing the colour and how pretty it looks in real life.

and here's a finished look.......... Nothing dramatic. keep it natural...... ^^but I do have to say... this looks very springy although the collection is promoting a autumn/winter season......

Hope every one is enjoying their weekend.......

Friday, September 9, 2011

[]Little Brown Box.. Lunasol~[]

Hey all~~~
Haven't been posting much because I'm sick at the moment.. so pretty much taking it easy. Hopefully my health would get back to normal soon so I can get my work done (which is piling up now).

Recently Lunasol by Kanebo came out with their new 2011 Autumn/Winter collection called Three Dimensional Eyes. It has 5 colours. These eyeshadows are based on the idea of light and shade and that it's all revolving around neutral beige undertones for a more natural look but with different light (shimmery) variations.
01 = Beige Beige
02 = Soft Beige ( pink)
03 = Mysterious Beige ( purple)
04 = Cool Beige (green/grey)
05 = Deep Beige (taupe/grey)

I didn't think 01/04/05 attracted me all that much because they are pretty much VERY neutral basic shades. so it was between 02 pink or 03 purple. I find that pink some times makes my eyes looks puffy and pink can make you look tired........ so I decided to go with purple as it is after all my favourite colour.

While looking at the new collection, I had some interest in blue colours. Some how these days I am into deep/dark blue shades, I find them compliment my skintone/eye colour quite well for some reason. I saw their Nature Eyes Collection had that kind of dark blue I was looking for. It was the 04 palette called Nature Beige. these palettes are based on the natural scenery of the Earth and this one is based on desert sand.

Warning: Picture Heavy.
Yeah the box is a bit squashed in the mail. but the content is all good.

Really nice packaging, simple elegant, I like... :)
This is what the Lunasol Nature Beige 04 looks like the box comes with instruction which I don't really understand but the website has English version which is handy.
This is the Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes in 03 and its instructions.

Picture of both with flash.

Ok Lets start with the Three Dimensional Eyes in Mysterious Beige

A picture of it with flash.
Under natural indoor lighting.
A close up.
Here's a swatch of the colours in natural indoor lighting
A picture of swatch under the sun. Love that purple and the dark brown.. actually every thing is nice.. matches perfectly, If you are going for a more natural look. you can just skip the purple and it becomes an every day palette. how handy........

So next is the Lunasol Nature Eyes in Nature Beige.
Pictures taken all under natural indoor lighting. It is a bit more shimmery than the Three dimensional eyes. but not over powering.

Here's a swatch of it. Very desert like...... which is quite neutral which can be used every day.

That's all for today....... Hope I don't cause some Lemming and Wallet breaking ........
hehehe but I think they are worth it.. was SOOOO happy when I received these in the mail.

Have a great weekend every one.