Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[] Origins VitaZing SPF15 moisturiser ~[]

Hey all~~
After seeing TiffanyD's youtube rave and other bloggers' reviews about Origins Vitazing SPF15 tinted moisturiser, I am very tempted to try it. And finally gave in. So it is an energy boosting moisturiser with Mangosteen.. sounds yummy. Actually my bf went to pick this up for me.. and while he's there they gave him a bunch of samples to try. HAHAHA.

This post will just be some initial thoughts about the product, so not really a review yet.

So this is what it looks like. comes in a 50 mL tube, hygienic because you can squeeze out the product you need. has an SPF 15, not really enough for out door activities under Australian sun, but if you are doing some office work or staying in doors for most of the time then I guess it should be enough.
Origins formulate their products without mineral oil, parabens and all other sorts of nasty things so less change of allergic reaction and not harmful to the skin. So that's one of the main reasons why I really LOVE Origins, me and mum have been using The Body Shop and Origins products for years.

This is what it looks like when you squeeze it out of the tube, white with little specs of brown dots.
When you spread it out, it's mainly white and you can still see the brown dots.

When you spread more, it changes colour to a warm/neutral skintone colour, but very sheer.
I think I would say this is about NC20. to NC25 kind of colour.

I read alot of review that it is actually too dark for some pale skintoned girls. for me it is a bit dark as well, but perfect for summer, because it gives a bit of Tanned look. I'm not sure how it will look for people with dark skintone.

So this is what it looks like on the right half of my hand. A glossy, semi matte kind of finish. Not oily at all. Absorbs well on my face. I really like it. It does have a smell to it, but it doesn't irritate me. I think I will be using this all summer.

When I use it long enough I will give a proper review as it is kind of a part of a skincare, because it's a moisturiser. The only down side is it's got SPF so can only use in the morning.

thats all for today. hope every one have a great week. ~~~


MEOW said...

i was gonna get this product too.. but i thought it looked too dark so i didnt get it... but it sounds like a great product!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Looks really good =) Seems easy to use and convenient to have.

Stacieee said...

Definitely let us know how you like it after you test it out a bit. I've heard alot about Origins but never actually tried any of their products.

MariannaMartyna said...

I love this!