Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review, Swatches & Tagged

Hey all~~~
I am doing all three things in this post .. because I'm so behind haha...
any ways. Lets start with the Maybelline Angel-Fit Foundation...

It's said that It's the #1 Drug Store Foundation in Japan./ Asia... It claimed to be so. and They did tests on the foundations. []Click Here[] for a video of a Japanese Makeup artist using the foundation.
I bought the Liquid foundation in N02, and the Powder in B01. I order it from check it out their price is pretty good too. I love the liquid foundation, but the powder is also good, the only thing is it has pink pearls/shimmer. It's kind of Sparkly, I guess it's good for summer giving you that GLOW, but winter wise I wouldn't go for it.
That's the back of the package for the Powder.
Trying it on my hand, it spreads well, doesn't try up too fast. I tell you how I apply this foundation. Pump some on the back of my left hand, use my three fingers of right hand, dab some on my fingers and just circle motions on my face. then DONE~~ it looks perfect, no streaking, no messy brushes and what ever. Takes the LEAST amount of time and looks picture perfect. LOVE IT............

That's how it looks right after it's applied. Give it about 2-3 minutes to settle and matches your skin PERFECT. like seriously looks good. It's a semi-matte finish with illuminising effect I guess. Gives you that glow. you can sort of tell from the picture below that it's quite glowy.. ~~~which is good, doesn't make your skin look tired and DEAD matte.

Here's a picture of my BARE FACE straight after moisturiser. and I wear glasses at home. LOL too lazy to put on contact lenses><> NOW a picture of my with angel fit foundation.. HAHA are you surprised??~~ Cuz I AM. my skin looks so much better. pores looks better. no more acne scars. horrible red spots. look so smooth. I LOVE IT. ~~~~~

Liquid Foundation[][]
Click Here[] For a Detailed makeupalley Foundation Review.
It's non-oily,, controls oil better than my Mac Studio Fix Fluid (NC 20). It goes you glow all day without making you look greasy even after 5 hours. I usually go oily, I have combo/oily skin Acne proned tooT___T. This foundation is Light, Thin, skin is breathable YET covers well. I would say it's a medium coverage. A little goes LONG way, considering the price I think it's better than some HIGH end products. I tried Bobbi Brown's Natural XXXX foundation, Twice the price but not as good as this one.
As for break outs, I've used it for a week every day. Nothing happens no break outs so far. It doesn't settle into find lines. It's super easy to take off with any face wash, doesn't have to be oil cleanser or make up remover. It's not like some foundations that sits on top of the face like paint. Staying power is good too. after 7-8 hours it's still there. just have to blot a bit. It's good, I stopped using BB creams/ foundation. just this ~~~ it's good........ have to try it ~~~~~~

The Powder[][]
I love the powder it self, Light on skin, doesn't CAKE up. really good for touch ups I think. absorbs all the oil away and the make up still look thin/fresh. not like you have TONS of powder on. It doesn't have that POWDERY feel/look either. the powder is quite finely milled. The experiments they did in Taiwan during promotion is that the powder floats on top of the water while other brands sank to the bottom. So i t proves this powder is light and fine.
Only thing I didn't like was the pearl/shimmer it had inside. If you like that glowly look go for it. but for me it was a bit too shimmery.

Lipstick Swatches:
I bought the new ANGEL lipstick from MAC. just comparing it with other lipsticks I have and are often used.
Left to RIght: Modesty, Angel, Lollipop Loving, Jubilee, Nars Dolce Vita.

Swatch it on a tissue for a better colour idea I guess. (in the same order)

Swatch on the hand
Left to right : Nars Dolce Vita, Jubilee, Lollipop Loving, Angel, Modesty

Blush Swatches:

I bought the new Mac Mineralised Blush in Gentle. I had warmsoul when Sonic Chic first came out. Gentle didn't really caught my eyes. but after seeing swatches and reviews, decided to get it.
Left to Right: Gentle, Warmsoul

Left to Right: Nars Deep Throat, Mac Gentle, Nars Dolce Vita.
Left to Right: Gentle, Warm soul, Deep Throat, Dolce Vita
hehe a picture of a cat inside a box><>

First of ALL:~~~
Thank you miemiemie, NicNic and Fuzzkittie for giving me the award. hehe I didn't think I would get awards. thank you again. I wanna tag every one out there who has put their time and effort into blogging and sharing their thoughts and information about beauty and products =D
I got tagged by Innerchild for a Tag game to Answer questions, I think this post is long enough Will include the Tag game in the next post.
Take cares ~~~
Gota go to bed now, need to wake up early for work...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

[][]Purple Barbie[][]~~

Hey all ~~~
Why be a Pink Barbie when you can be a Purple Barbie...
I gota a few things over the week, and Got a whole stack of TAGs and Review to do. >< and It's Piling upT___T

BUT I will get around to it probably this coming week.

The things I got this week:
- Maybelline Angel-Fit Foundation (avaliable in Asia, Japan #1 drugstore foundation)
- MAC mineralized Blush in GENTLE ( beautiful purple/pink colour)
- Mac Angel Lipstick (frost)

So here's what I used:

- Angel Fit Foundation in N02
- Dior Snow White Powder Foundation
- Nars Laguna Bronzer
- Mac Minerlized Blush in Gentle

- Majorlica Majorca eye shadow pallete (silver taupe colour)
- Kate eye shadow pallete ( black colour)
- NYX Deep Purple
- Mac technical liner in graphblack
- Kiss me Heroine mascara

- Mac Angel Lipstick
- Majorlica Majorca lipgloss in PK201

So the Result??? TADAHH~~~
The blush look more deep purple rather than pink I think the colour for this camera is weird.
Hahaha my eyebrow is weird too>< oh wells

Here you can see the purple smoking effect of the eyeshadow, both open and closed.

I LOVE THIS BLUSH ~~~looks really nice. For reference i'm NC 20 in Studio Fix Fluid.
I love this foundation too >__< it's very liquidy, super easy to spread, covers pretty well. None oily/ NO breakouts will do a review along with the blush and lipstick swatches.

HAHA I love these photo shopped photos ^___^ SO glowy...~~
Reviews and Swatches Coming up. STAY TUNED=D
Take cares. Hope you guys like th is look.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I want PUPPY eyes too ~~~~

Hey all~~~
AFter Fuzkittie's post on puppy eyes, and various other posts had ago, I thought i'd post something about it too. I saw this on the magazine I was reading. Apparently it's the instyle of eyemakeup for now.

A close up of the lookHere's how she did it step by step: um you can click the image to enlarge it. (the explaning is in chinese LOL)
Here's a 2nd type of look, the "cat eye" look.

And Here's how.

The 3rd type is the Round/Natural Eyes.

Here's How;

So how did you like it? Hope it helped........