Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[] Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle powder initial review~~[][]

Hey all ~~
Today I'm going to initial review a product I recently bought. It is the Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Powder Foundation. I am not a Lancome user. In fact this is my first time using a Lancome product. From a lot of reviews and things I heard this foundation is great for keeping skin from oiliness and sliding off your face. So it's a more of a summer foundation.

But I have combination oily skin in summer and combination dry skin in winter. Right now it's sort of combination dry.

It claims to give a brightness to the face with 12 hours Lasting unfading natural perfection. and It is a Mineral based formula suitable for sensitive skin. Great for shin control and giving a poreless look. with SPF 35 PA +++.

Here is a list of sites you can see other people's reviews and things:

So the package it came in is a silver box with rose sign on it. and case and the foundation comes in different box. I didn't see this foundation in makeup counters in Australia. I think it is an Asia exclusive foundation. but I could be wrong.

SO this is what the products look like opened from the package.

You have to put the foundation inside the case from the back and click it into place. The shade I got is O-01. It's a neutral tone but the lightest shade. I know it might be a bit too light for me. But It's a brightening foundation, and I do want to make my face look a might more bright than making it looking dark. You can check my foundation shade on the side bar for various brands if you are wondering.

This is what it looks like after putting every thing together and it comes with a Huge mirror. The only thing about this packaging is there's no secure clip to make sure the case is really closed.
The sponge is a bit smaller than expected. It is dual sided. One side is conventional porous latex sponge feel, the other is soft velvety feel which is used to smooth the pores and things.

The foundation is applied on the right hand side of the hand and photo taken with flash (fill in).
It can be tell that there's foundation, has a light -medium coverage but can still see the skin from underneath. So it's more like letting your own skin shine through rather than covering it all up.

So lets see how this works out on my face.
Photo taken in natural bathroom lighting like 7 am in the morning.

Here's a picture of my bare face. you can see my freckles, acne scars and pores and things that I don't want people to see. HAHAHA

So I applied the Clinique city block SPF25 ++ as a primer/base. I found this sunblock is great for powder foundations and really bad for liquid foundation. it's too sticky and tacky for the liquid but great for powders to grab onto.

Here's a photo of the foundation applied after the Clinique sunblock. I think it covers pores and some light freckles but still leaving the skin looking natural. None cakey.
And the same as above but taken with a flash, just to compare.

I haven't used it enough to give a proper review but This is my initial thoughts:
I think this foundation covers about 60% of imperfections. hides pores but a bit drying if you didn't moisturize well. So if you have dry skin I might give it a second thought. I also think that the lasting power is quite good may be 5-6 hours not 12 hours unless you cake it on a thick layer and none of the oil comes through.

Another thing that I'm concerned is that, because it absorbs oil from skin, will it make my skin produce more oil because it is trying to balance itself out?
The colour o-01 is brightening for me but does have an ashy look to it may be because of the SPF. but after like 1 hour it looks more natural.

Will do a proper review once used it long enough.

hehe. Tell me what you think. or any other suggestions for great powder foundations.


Askmewhats said...

Hmm...I can't suggest much for now for oily skin but I do love the Majolica Majorca 2 Way foundation.

This one covers up quite good on your skin but at the same time, does not look cakey! :)

kalai said...

it makes your skin look brighter.. powders don't really do much for me though..

btw i'm doing a giveaway. check it out^^

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