Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[] Maquillage & Coffret D'or HauL ~~[]

Hey all ~~
I bought some stuff that was released not long ago. Just wanted to share my initial thoughts of these products.

First thing is the Coffret D'or Perfect Grade Eyes Pallete.
It's in the shade 04. A neutral peachy colour and a like brown colour. Both have shimmer.
I like other pallete I had from Coffret D'or with similar colour I forgot what is it called. But came out a while ago. This perfect grade eyes pallete contains two colour buy can mix to get a middle colour.

That's what the Package looks like. I didn't buy the case for it. I thought it's just the company trying to make more money. It doesn't makes sense to not have a case when you buy foundation/eyeshadows and things.

This is how it looks like when opened.
Comparing to my other coffret d'or pallete from a while ago. I really liked the old pallete.

Here's some swatches. Top Row is the old pallete. the pale peachy colour is lighter than the perfect grade eyes. and the brown is slightly more gray. The Bottom is the Perfect Grade Eyes. so the middle one is mixed two colours together.

So the Next item is Shiseido Maquillage White Lighting Powdery UV Foundation Compact.
(the longest name =__=|||)
The packaging is very girly I have to say. but elegant at the same time.

So this is the powder and the case comes separately . YOu have to put them together.
I got the Colour OC-10

This is what the foundation looks like under natural indoor lighting.
OC-10 Is actually just a tad lighter than Coffret D'or OC-C.
I use to be NC20-Nc25 So OC-C is a bit dark. the Maquillage one is actually more brightening. Good to use in winter. The OC-C is suitable for summer when I get a bit more tanned.

Here's a comparison picture betweetn Maquiallage Oc10 (left) and Coffret D'or OC-C (right)
photo above taken with flash. below is taken in natural light.
As you can see OC-10 is a bit more pink/neutral tones. where as OC-C is more yellow and darker. and YAYYYY for hitting pan =P

Initial Review of the foundation:
I use it couple times. The powder is very fine. gives a more satiny finish than matte. Does have light reflective properties. Minimises the look of my pores. oil absorbing powers are not very efficient. So I suggest using in winter. if it's summer. Might not hold.

That's all I have to say for now.

have a great week guys.


Askmewhats said...

Oh wow, that Maquillage compact is super classy! I can't bear to even use it due to its pretty look! :)

Mary in Wonder said...

The Maquillage case is veeery pretty! ^.^

But the eyeshadow duo, dunno, I'm not convinced by it. However, it looks good in the pan.