Monday, November 24, 2008

Top 6 Lip products

Hey all
I've seen videos on youtube from people stating their best 6 lip products. So I thought I wanna do it too, though I'm not officially tagged or any thing but I want to share my thoughts on lip products.. so ^___^

So here's a picture of the 6 products I recommend

Left - Right:

1. Lancome Juicy Tubes

2. Revlon Superlustious Lip Colour in Soft Suede

3. Everyday Minerals lip treatment gloss

4. Shiseido Integrate lipgloss

5. Revlon lipgloss in nude lustre

6. MAC lipstick in Jublee

The review & recommendations

1. Lancome Juicy Tubes

One of my first lip products, I got it years ago but only use it in special times because I remember it was REALLY expensive back then and the colour should be melon but not too sure because it got rubbed off. any ways, the texture is glossy, smells nice, show a hint of colour so you can still see your natural lip colour. It's great for a natural everyday look. Also it's handy to bring it around. The best I like about it is the applicator, it fits perfectly.

2. Revlon Superlustious Lip Colour in Soft Suede

This is one of my first lip stick, like my first ever lip stick. I love the colour soft suede, if you have a chance go to the shop and have a look. It's a rosy red/coral colour, not too strong it's beautiful really complements yellow toned skin I think. This colour matches and brings out the vibrant colour of my own lips. texture wise, never too dry never too oily. ( lol sounds like the Kraft peanut butter commercial). It stays on pretty well, but it's not transfer proof so if you kiss your bf, it will show on him =p

3. Everyday Minerals lip treatment gloss

I got this with my everyday minerals purchase, I wanted to dry it because the reviews on Makeupally was good. I got it in the colour plum dust. I love this colour. it's a soft plum not too brown not too red love it. The colour shows up pretty good, but it's not exactly a gloss, atleast I wouldn't call it a gloss. the exact texture is like your average lipbalm + colour. The best thing about this is it helps nourishes your lips while giving you a hint of beautiful colour. It feels exactly like a lipbalm on the lips but the only bad thing is it doesn't stay that long.

4. Shiseido Integrate lipgloss

I got this one recently from a website called Ichibankao, along with eyeshadow palletes, sunscreen and other things. I love this, it's so shimmery it's EXTREMELY pretty over a lipstick because it has very fine shimmery glitter which adds to that shine it already has. The applicator is really cool, it's a flat piece of rubbery plastic which has a hole in the middle for the product to come out and applies easily never messy. And the thing about this one is it's REWINDABLE, by that I mean if you twist too much product out, you can twist it back never waste any. GENIUS!!!

5. Revlon lipgloss in nude lustre

This is one of my fav lip products because it has the best texture in gloss, has a brush applicator. Not sticky and the colour nude lustre is gorgeous, would suit any one with any look. It has no shimmer just glossy. Love it.. you have to try it..~~~

6. MAC lipstick in Jublee

My first MAC lipstick. Why I picked this colour?? because I was looking for a browny/pinky colour to be specific I think it's a nude beige pink colour. But I hate MATTE finish lipsticks, does absolutely NOTHING for the lips. this is a lustre finish, so it's sheer in a way but the colour pay off is good. you can say it's like a semi-glossy finish. I love this colour it helps as a final step to make me look awake, not too BROWN.. just the right amount of shades to make the perfect lipstick. I bring this one everywhere with me. I found that the revlon soft suede might be a bit too bright for winter/autumn use. This is a PERFECT colour for winter/autumn I think. Though a PLUM colour would suit winter too. But go swatch it if you pass a MAC stand..

One last product I would recommend for those have chappie lips, use SOFTLIPS made by Mentholatum, I have it in alot flavours my favourite is the Rasberry one =p. Orange one is not bad either.

That's all for lip recommendations. I'm not particularly TAGGING any one, but if you want to share your top 6 lip products, you're welcome. Actually I'm kind of Curious too =p. So Tell me what are your 6 top lip products. ~~~

Take cares have a great week.


Askmewhats said...

Thanks for sharing your top 6 lip products you lurve...I can't do this tag yet, coz I can't complete 3 for now! LOL My lips get to be really choosy! :D

fuzkittie said...

Whaaat, you need to buy Dior asap! xD You know that in my top 6!

cheryl said...

hi there, how've u been? gosh MAC jubilee was my first mac lipstick too! and i loved it. come to think of it, i dun actually have top 6 lip products...gotta think about that one... :-)

Sandy said...

ooh do they sell shiseido integrate in sydney??

WendyB said...

I don't like a matte finish on me either.

(g)ezebel said...

use some of that lip treatment stuff on your lips before applying matte lipstick. then a little dab of clear gloss in the middle of your bottom lip only. it's the best way to wear matte lipstick.

happy belated turkey day!