Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Burnt French Toast (O___o)???

Hey everyone;
I was having trouble naming this post until I had an idea.. hehe I'm sure you will be wondering What's up with the post name?? well, let me explain, firstly you toast your bread in the toastor right?? then you went away to do something else and when you heard ur smoke alarm went off you know that ur toast has been BURNT!!!.. So burnt french toast will produce smoke.. therefore this post will be about the brown neutral smoking eye look with nude lips.

This look was inspired by a youtube guru named Lollipop26 I'm sure everyone knows her right?? So yeah she recently bought the MAC holiday smoking pallete, I was going to purchase it but I decided not to because I thought I wouldn't really do a blue/grey smokey probably brown is more of my colour and I got the Coastal Scent's neutral 28 pallete at home already so might as well use that up before I purchase any thing else.

SO here's the things I used.

Coastal Scents 28 neutral pallete (left to right)
4th row-2nd, 4th row-3rd, 4th row-6th, 4th row-7th.

L'oreal liquid liner in mica black
Maybelline define a lash mascara

Revlon colorstay foundation in sand beige
MAC mineralised skinfinish duo
NARS laguna bronzer
MAC sheertone blush in Blushbaby

Lips: ( I forgt to include in the picture)
Mac Myth lipstick
Mac Cherish lipstick
Apply myth first as a base not too much and then top it up with cherish. I think it looks pretty nude already... Myth on its own is just too much for me ...

So Lets take a close look first???hehe love the glow on my cheek.. WOOT and the effect of lighting is so perfect ^___^ happy happy..

A look at the eyeshadow?/ I picked the colors that has a satin shimmery finish.. and a dark brown matte color on the crease and then used the black for close to eyelash part.

SO an overall face effect?? ( I tied up my hair, and pinned up my bangs...)
Looks different to how i usually look.....
So that's about it, it's a such simple look but turned out pretty well I think... may be the lips could be a bit more nude.. Not too sure but I tried with myth alone, made me so washed out.. So yeah.. .. Hope you guys like it as much as I did.
That's all for today.. take cares til next time...


miemiemie said...

i love this look on you! it makes you look chic and sophisticated!:) haha thanks for missing my eye :) haha..

Sandy said...

ooh wow. you look so pretty!! you look like a doll!!

where i live, there's a security guards. they walk around all the time. i live in raleigh park, if u know where that is =/

yeah mecca cosmetica @ bondi junction, they have nice make up artists :) esp anya & steph.

heartofpearl♥ said...

omg VERY PRETTY. by far my fav makeup on you, love how you got your hair up too. contacts are so gd on you! x

Nic Nic said...

you look great in nude lipstick... i'm tempted to check out myth l/s after seeing it on you! im really scared of having a deathly look with really nude lips but it hot on you..!! anyway love the whole look ^^

Nic Nic said...

ill have to check out Cherish too. haaha!

mimi said...

wow! you look really pretty!!! and i was just at a mac counter and picked up cherish lipstick by chance i really must get it!! =)

btw, how would you rate nars laguna? is it a good color for contour??

fuzkittie said...

This is such a glowy and elegant look! and can I just tell you how much I LOOOOOVE your hair up?!! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

wow! the best look i've seen on you i think! love the title too

kaman said...

wow i love this look!

Lily said...

i love how your cheekbones pop!

cheryl said...

oooh good job on this look: reminds me of audrey hepburn (asian-version)! lol! i can't get over how good the nars laguna bronzer look on u, especially now that u're using a better brush. fantastic.

Digital Angel said...

Ohhhh, I just saw this look now :D sorry for being late! This is best look I've seen on u so far, and I love you hair !! Pretty :)

Digital Angel said...

Ohhhh, I just saw this look now :D sorry for being late! This is best look I've seen on u so far, and I love you hair !! Pretty :)

lollipop26 said...

this is sooo pretty. i wish i could look like this :)