Sunday, November 9, 2008

The snowflake look~~~

Hey all
Feel so bludgy today, as it is Sunday here. So decided to play around with my make up.. ehehe

So here's what I used today..
- Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC 20
- Mac Mineralised Skinfinish Natural Duo (forgot to include in the photo)
- Nars Laguna bronzer
- Nars DT blush
- NYX flamingo eye shadow
- NYX deep purple eye shadow
- Mac technikal eyeliner in graphblack
- L'oreal liquid eyeliner in Mica black
- Maybelline Define a lash mascara
- Revlon lipgloss in glossy rose
So the RESULT?? DATAH ~~~~lol..

You see my cheeks?? they are chubby right?? but who cares I'm loving the Laguna bronzer and DT blush combination.. makes you look like you have natural blush.. and SOOO pretty.. I'm in LOVE =p I heard a youtube guru say in one of her videos that DT is right in the middle of pink and peach so therefore it goes well with nearly every look you trying to create... It's SOOO true..

Here's a closer look at my eye make up.. HAHAHA you can see that I didn't blend them evenly. SAD.. don't laugh, that's because I'm still a NOOB at eyeshadows.. T__T but some how when I open my eyes they looked alright.. LOL..

Here's another pic of my cheek and eyemake up.. I just realise that the look matches with my shirt also purple.. HAHAHA what a coincidence...

So this is the result of my boredom.. So yeah... I highly highly recommend buying NARS blush.. if you don't buy one, atleast go to the counter and TRY it on.. then you will get hooked like me =p

I think I will reconsider buying other colours, because I have what I needed already. So my next target is to try out their lipsticks.. I wanna senorita and dolce vita..

So did you guys have a good weekend?? had fun??? I went to play badminton with friends.. and because of such lack of exercise my body is aching like crazy....

any ways, that's all for now.. tomorrow is MONDAY again.. sigh my monday blues...

P.S. product review coming up soon..~~~


Askmewhats said...

I had a great weekend...and i love your look, the look you came up with is really pretty yet doesn't look too made up :)

ilovewendy said...

Aw~ I adore your eyes! So very pretty!I need to give it a go:)

miemiemie said...

wooh such a pretty look :) haha i couldn't agree more, i hate loose shadows! fallouts on my eyes..tsk really irritating and dangerous

Nic Nic said...

so pretty! you are making me lem for more nars blush.... and that an bronzer and blush! omg..

Sandy said...

it's ridiculous how the nars blushes are $60 where as the bronzers are $70 and it's so much bigger than the blushes -_-

i'm thinking to get some nars xmas products. wanna tag along some time? :)

heartofpearl♥ said...

i love your contacts! i want to wear more but am abit scared after an infection :(

fuzkittie said...

Mmmm yummy colors!! You look so glowy~

cheryl said...

monday blues? tell me about it!

oh i really really gotta get the nars bronzer now. it looks amazing on u! good job on the eye colour too.

炎松 said...

you look realy so beautiful. and this blog very funny.


sorry my English not good.

Anonymous said...

Man those lenses look really weird on you

Anonymous said...

What kind of circle lenses are those?? They are gorgeous!