Sunday, November 2, 2008

To be or Not to be a CLOWN???

Hey all; I'm back with more post...
Not intended to blab on, so I will get on with it ^___^.. wonder if I have tempted any one to buy those NARS blushes?? So today I will show a FOTD and mainly the NARS deep throat blush.. MAN i hate mentioning these days I will just refer to it as DT.. sounds so much better..
So lets show pictures shall we?? =p

The first two pictures, shows that I applied lightly, so the colour isn't too obvious. However, can you see that glow on my cheek?? EEEEE I"M IN LURRRRRVE.. ok I will stop =p but seirously, it looks so glittery in the pot and gave me second thoughts , but once you apply it, the shimmer is not chunky but turns into a more of a glow.. amazing... I don't know how they do it, but they just do...

So the next two pictures are packed on blush.. LOL just to show you how it would look if you over apply it. surprisingly I thought I would look like a clown, because of its pinkiness, but guess it didn't happen. hehe sorry to dissapoint you. Here's my ANGRY ANGRY face =p lol
hehe I'm kidding, I'm not angry at all. SO there's picture of the angel side of me LOL
I just realise that my cheeks are so chubby like WTH.. sigh... any ways.. the DT blush isn't all that pink i think, may be a bit peachy too.. but looks natural and pretty...

So Here's a list of what I used:


MAC select SPF 15 in NC 25

MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Natural in light/medium

Nars DT blush


Everyday minerals eye shadows: floating feather, baby bath and cypress in the eye socket.

Mac technical liner in graph black

L'oreal liquid eye liner


I did my look, took the photos and totally forgot to put lip products.. but any ways.. kinda matches the blush =p.. ( i'm self comforting)

P.S: I cut my hair recently.. You can see that my fringe is uneven LOL.. the lady cut it funny and my over all length is so much shorter now.. ><>

And TODAY is my BIRTHDAY!!!!... post up photos later for the dinner tonight..

take cares ~~~


Digital Angel said...

Happy Birthday !!! Glad you see you coming back with cute EOTD, I find that NARS has some weird sexual names of blush lol. I think your fringe will get even within a week. Mine was like that too :D Very cute!

Askmewhats said...

Happy Birthday girl!!! :) You look so pretty! I love the glow that the blush did on your cheeks! :) Can't wait to see more photos!

lacouturiernyc said...

happy birthday!!

you have such gorgeous eyes!

La C

miemiemie said...

happy birthday doll!:) the DT blush looks pretty on you..:) I wonder when I'll be able to buy nars blushies..hehe I always look at nars swatches and I completely forget about MAC haha

Anonymous said...

Nars should give you some commission cos i wanna buy the DT blush now LOL!
Happy Birthday girl! ;)

Stephy said...

hey happy birthday girl!!! and the blush looks awesome on u and even in the photos where u packed it on! :)

Lily said...

happy birthday! make the most of it :)

cheryl said...

happy happy happy birthday! post some pics from dinner...
the nars blush looks wonderful on u. and the truth is even when u packed it on, it didn't look heavy at all. in fact i think blush should be generously used!!
i hear nars bronzer in "laguna" is real pretty too :-)