Friday, November 14, 2008

Shu Uemura~~~

Hey all

I have finally finished my exams.. so that makes me UNOFFICIALLY graduated from my degree of chemical engineering...^___^ the ceremony won't be until march next year I think. But I guess my engineering uni like is over.. I'm so gonna miss my friends.. ><>

Any ways.. back to the main topic.. I was wondering how would cleansing oil work and I heard alot of good reviews about Shu Uemura cleansing oil. (I swear I can't pronounce that properly) um.. They have all these different once, like the green one is with green tea extract for antioxidant, there's one for oily skin and another for with cherry or sakura extract for sensitive skin.
I got the original one, the yellow one for combination skin. So how do you use it?? well, you get pump and half and massage it all over face for 30 seconds then you get some warm water emulsify it then just rinse it all off with warm water. Then get a clean towel and pat dry ur face. then ur done..

SO my verdict. it's pretty good and it removes MY make up!!! like seriously; this stuff is amazing. it removes eyeliners, mascaras, heavy make up foundation that could be remained and clogging up pores. I've been using it for 2 weeks, and it doesn't dry my skin, there's no EXTREME tight feeling to the skin.

BUT I gota warn you.. if you don't emulsify it properly, you will leave some residue behind. but the good thing is if you get it in your eyes, doesn't hurt at all, just goes cloudy for a while and that's it. NO allergic reactions.

Ingredient: paraffium liquid/mineral oil, zea may, polysorbate85, cartamus tinctorius oil/safflower seed oil, crtyl ethylexanote, sorbitan thioleate, simmondsia chinensis oil, jojoba seed oil, camellia kissi sea oil, macadamia seed oil, canola oil. ginger root extract, rosemary leaf extract, sea water. So as you can see.. it's mainly oils from plants and natural materials.. So nothing artificial I think...

So now lets put it to the test shall we??? Here's some eyeliner products, from pencil, to gel liner, liquid liner.
You pump some on the make up area.
You massage for 20 seconds.. (looks gross right???)
Add some warm water and mix and massage LOL.. looks even more gross
Rinse it off with warm water, pat dry and you're as good as new...~~~

SO yeah.. I think it's pretty good.. removes most of the things.. and when I use toner to wipe off excess un removed make up, usually there's some yellowy foundation left, but with this.. virtually none. But I think it's quite expensive. On the box it says use 3 pumps.. LOL that's crazy I only use 1 pump or may be some times 1.5 pumps.

I also heard that the DHC cleansing oil is good.. I might try that next time.. It's cheaper too, probably does the same thing and have the same effect.

Take cares.. Have a good weekend, it's friday here..


heartofpearl♥ said...

looks really good, my sister actually bought $$$ worth of shu uemura products.. i was like wow..

Askmewhats said...

I have finished this whole big bottle and I like it! Now I'm on my 2nd A/O the green one..and they never fail! :)

mayaari said...

I hear a lot of good things about their cleansing oils. If you're looking for an even cheaper alternative, there's the Oil Cleansing Method - you use a homemade mixture of castor oil, olive oil (the stuff you cook with) and jojoba oil (or grapeseed, almond, etc.) and slowly massage the oils on your face. You have to use a warm washcloth to sort of steam your face and wipe off the oils (2-3 times), but it works just as's just time consuming.

fuzkittie said...

Gotta love Shu!

Lily said...

ooh it looks magical. lol. i always have foundation left on my face after using makeup remover... how much did you pay for this?

cheryl said...

i've been using this cleansing oil for years and years and years... this has gotta be one of the best cosmetic products out there.

Sandy said...

how much is the shu uemura one? i can get 10% discount for it muahaha yey david jones. one of the make up artist used to work at mac then he moved to gorgeous cosmetics now he works at shu uemura. he's really great. sadly i don't know his name =/ he's real nice too T_T