Sunday, November 16, 2008

Modern Makeup Presentation~~~

Hey all~~~~
This post won't be a tutorial or a product review, nor it is a haul but instead it's a trend that I see in the future of makeup & beauty products.. Believe it or not, product packaging and presentation actually holds 30-35% of consumer's willingness to purchase their products. While the product it self holds for 40-50% and the remaining is the so called "BRAND awearness".

I'm sure there's alot of ladies out there who gets sucked in by advertisements, or by looking at specific branded products. This post will be about beauty product presentataion and packaging. I have only started to be interested in makeup and beauty not long ago, hehe I think beginning of this yr or end of last yr. Can't remember exactly but I've seen pretty amazing products out there. I mean the product it self only; but when you're shopping you will see some products and you think WOW it looks so good, I gota try that...
well that's me. So here's some of the products that I was sucked into purely because of their design, packaging and overall presentation.
1:Chantecaille pressed powder
(Look at that fish, ocean print on the powder, If I ever bought this I would never use it.)
Such a beautiful blush and looks so cute...

2: Lancome elephant bronzer
(you gota say, the artwork on that is so fine and precise. It has multi colours and therefore comes handy for blush, bronzer, highlighter.)

3: Clinique Bloom all over colour
(Beautiful flower design which has different shades of blush of all occasions)
4: Revlon A Floral Afair
( I don't know about you, but when I first saw that I was like.. WOW so pretty.. Love the leafy floral design, elegant sleek packaging, great to bring it every where. and It's not expensive =p)
5: Mac Mineralised SkinFinish MSF
( I love these, they have the prettiest gold veins and swirls. the picture here is petticoat.. LOVE it. Lightescapade has a good colour swirl too =p )
6: Shu Uemura Glow On Blush Limited Editions
( Look at that design, looks like fireworks or does it look like that flower called chrysanthemum)
7: The Body Shop Cheek Bloom & Duo Eyeshadow
( I think these are the new design just came out recently not too sure. but they sure looks good.. Though the blush design sorta similar to Shu Uemura may be copied, but who cares looks great)
So have you guys seen enough?? I think not =p. There are many more products out there that grabs massive attention beacuse of their Product Packaging, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just that it puts pressure on my wallet...
P.S: for every one who reads this post tell me which one is your favourite please?? I want to know what every one thinks of pretty packaged products.
Take cares.. See you all soon ~~~


yumeko said...

i dont own many blushers with a print in it like that
[the ones i have, you have mentioned like shu uemura etc]

but for packaging, i am a sucker for jill stuart XD

Lily said...

omg, i totally get sucked in with packaging. if it's pretty, i'm all over it. lol. the fish and elephant compacts are gorgeous!!

Askmewhats said...

These are "orgasmic" the packaging is too pretty! :)

Digital Angel said...

First one is very very pretty :) Wish I could have that one but very expensive lol

MisSmall said...

I'm a sucker for packaging. Sadly, they're mostly gimmicks. Esp the Lancome elephant bronzer, the orange shade on the elephant is actually only on the surface and comes off after a few uses. My favourite of the bunch will definitely MAC Mineralised bronzer, it's practical and oh-so-pretty!

fuzkittie said...

Yay for suckers of packaging!!! :D I love that Chantecaille palette~

Anny said...

I like the MAC one :]

cheryl said...

my fav's the shu uemura one, because i like minimalistic design. the others were pretty but too much.

Alex said...

Lancome bronzer is really nice, although I don't use bronzers! Chantecaille highlighters are cool too!

wrapping supplies said...

All are the very great packaging which looks dynamic and startling as well.

Anonymous said...


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