Saturday, November 8, 2008

Birthday Present~~~

Hey Hey;
I just had my birthday last week.. SOOO happy did so many things.. Feel like holiday already, because I still got finals exams later.. any ways.. in this post I just wanted to show you my Birthday present from my bf =p.. I LOVE IT..
Ok; first of all you have to guess WHAT IS IT...~~~

Then ... Scroll Down slowly..







hehehe It's a wallet.. a White one; I think it's one of those new ones that just came out. I think there was like a pinky purple/lilac coloured one as well.

So; here's what it looks like inside.. I reckon this wallet is good because I have space to put all my cards and the space to let me put my coins plus it has 2 layer to allow me to put my money and my receipts separately.. hehe I keep every thing in my wallet..

So what you think?? White wallet looks good??

P.S.. me and friends had a bbq for those who had birthdays in Oct and Nov. and here's a photo of me cutting a cake... LOL I love that cake so yummy... I LOVE my friends ^____^.. (btw, the hat belongs to a friend of mine... I just wore it on that day cuz it sorta matched my cowgirl shirt HAHAHA)

that's all for today... take cares.. see you soon..~~~


Nic Nic said...

nice wallet!!

looks like you had a fun bday!

Askmewhats said...

lovely gift! :) Pretty wallet :) And glad you had a fun bday!

miemiemie said...

anything WHITE = i love! nice gift dear :)

cheryl said...

lol the hat's so cute... it's so lovely to know your friends got u a cake. birthdays are not complete without a cake lol! hell i'd get a cake even if it's not my birthday. i love sweets

Bittenbefore said...

i love a white wallet and gucci is even better!! very sweet!!

so did u like the kate deep eyes palette? i got it in Br-1 but i think the photo looks purplish

thanks for visiting and commenting!please come by again!

miemiemie said...

aww thanks dear :) i love the purple dress too,however its too short for a dressy occasion. i could wear it with shorts and it'll look fine..

heartofpearl♥ said...

omg!! i totally have the EXACT same one but a longer version :D awww hehe im happy for you!

fuzkittie said...

Drool!!!! :] Glad you had fun!