Monday, November 1, 2010

October Favourites[]~~

Hey all

Can't believe it's already november, this year went past super fast. really felt like just a blink of an eye. So today i'm just gonna share my favourite items of the months things that I have been loving this months.
Order from left to right:

1. Clinique moisturising lipgloss. I find it very similar texture to Lancome's juicy tubes, except not as sticky and more moisturising. I got this one from a gift set in the colour 01 Raspberry. I love this... gives your lips that kissable look not too over dazzling. (I don't like lipglosses have chucky glitters.) This one has no glitters and super easy application I don't need a mirror just open the lid, a slanted applicated and just apply. The colour though is not pigmented at all, just a hint of colour on your lips. LOVE~~~ wanna try other colours.

2. Benefit full cream lipstick in Lala land. I got this a while ago, but haven't really been using it because I've been using Rimmel's Airy Fairy. but this one I tried it the other day and love.. seriously my lips but better colour. looks very natural because lipstick colours like Mac Angel, Airy Fairy and that kind of pink looks sexy but not natural. You have to try lala land. I find it very moisturising too. none drying........ My next colour for this to try is No Competition, except they sold out (cry)..

3. This is a Sana make essence eye and lip concealer. Don't be fulled by its name. No coverage what so ever.. But I use it to fill in the find lines and moisturise my under eye area. It works wonders !!!! you have to try it. I apply it under my eyes before the foundation. though it does have a silicone feel to it. It says to have carrot or apple extract, aleo vera and some other stuff in japanese i can't read. It's quite mild and great for under eye area.

4. Coffret D'or beauty essence foundation. the colour is in Oc-C. quite neutral colour, and fits my NC15-20 skin perfectly. though a bit yellow. The thing i love about this foundation is because it doesn't cake up, and gives that healthy radiant glow to the face. It's got very fine shimmer in the foundation, a creamy texture not heavy at all. I should do a review on this to show how good this is. Or have I done a review already?? Though I have to agree that this is more of a winter foundation because it's moisturising. if you have dry skin.. try it. i'm sure you will love it.

5. Dolce & Gabbana Fragance Light blue. This smells DIVINE...~~~First time I spelt it in the store I was like WOW what a fresh scent. then I tried some on my skin. after a while the fresh citrius smell is gone leaves a more floral scent. very summery...... LOVE it.

And last, This was when I was out feeding a pond of fish with bread and asked my bf if he wanted some bread too. LOL........ " would you like some bread??" what a random photo.

Take cares ~~~~ will update soon.


Askmewhats said...

Oh my! your last photo is GORGEOUS! Looks so natural and beautiful!!!!

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