Monday, October 25, 2010

[] Eyeliner Show Down~~~~~

Hey all ~~~~
Today just gonna do an eyeliner comparison. Pretty much comparing the staying power and water resistancy. I got a couple eyeliner here that I have, I'm not sure if it's common ones where everyone have these but hope it's informative.

Here's all the eyeliners laid out. from Left to Right:
- Palgantong Eye Tatoo Eye inner Crazy Black
- Integrate slim liquid liner (black)
- L'oreal lineur intense liquid eyeliner felt tip (mica black)
- Dejavu lasting fibre eyeliner (24 hours)
- Majorlica Majorca eyeliner black
- Prestiage waterproof eyeliner
- Mac technikal eyeliner
- Mac powerpoint eyeliner in Duck
- Mac fluidliner black track

Lets put it to the test shall we?? LOL
The liner drawn is in the same order listed from left to right

This is what it looks like perfectly after drawn onto my arm and waited for the liners to dry. No base applied.

This is what happens when I rub the top of the liners quick vigorously....

This is what happens when I rinse it under water and slightly slide my finger across the eyeliner up and down.
So clearly, rubbing and water takes off the liquid eyeliners plus the majorlica majorca eyeliner. The rest stayed pretty solid. So clearly Mac ones are pretty durable and so is the dejavu one.
Here's the ranking of eyeliner's staying power.
1. Mac fluid liner black track/ Mac powerpoint liner
2. Mac technikal liner ( though I would use this for lower lash line only.. too soft for the upper lid)
3. Prestiage waterproof eyeliner / Dejavu 24 hours eyeliner
4. Majorlica Majoca eyeliner
5. I think all the liquid eyeliners there seem to be rubbed out pretty fast. Even though the Palgantong one says it's waterproof. But the Integrate one stayed on a bit better after rubbing.

To take eyemake up off at night, I use the Pond's cleansing oil. Something my mum bought for me when she went over seas from watsons. A drugstore kind of place in Asia.

That's all for the eyeliners. Any questions please leave it in the comment box. ^^

This is me at the Mac x Disney Villians launching event at Myer. LOL The SA there make me dress it all up and take a photo.. quick fun actually though I didn't but any thing from this collection.


slowbrogal said...

Nice post!! Your last pic is so cute~~

Askmewhats said...

wow, thanks for this, I love eyeliners and I can relate to your eyeliner tests :)

Cute last photo I agree!

Hyosu said...
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Emily said...

Hi! Thanks for the swtach :-) Which shade is the MAC Technakohl? Is it photogravure? I am looking for a matte brown pencil and hesitating among photogravure, duck, brownborded and stubborn brown...

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Anonymous said...

How was the Pond's cleansing oil?
I want to know your opinion about it :)