Sunday, October 24, 2010

[]EOTD with all my eyeshadow palletes~~

Hey all
I thought that I can do a EOTD for all the eyeshadow palletes I have collected. well the ones I really like. They are pretty much all in the neutral earthy tone family. Feel free to click on the image for an enlargement.

I wanted to do it on the tissue papers but they were too soft and broke>< so I used a kitch paper towel.. Might need some improvement on that. I might do this again on a different paper. May be on a white piece of paper instead.

So here's the palletes laid out under natural sun light during the day.
The palletes name is written on the paper underneath the EOTD. I thought this could help with some people if they wanted to buy a certain pallete or something.

A close up view.

Think my favourite is the Lunasol Coral coral, Coffret D'or 01 and The Visee one.
Take Cares all, just a quick post today.


Zwei said...

thanks for the effort! really appreciate it and it is helpful. :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

It's really interesting that you put EOTD on the towel paper!

slowbrogal said...

Nice!!! I like the Coffret D'or CM eyes too~~

MEOW said...

you are so cute! haha that is such a cute idea to show EOTDs! :)

Mary in Wonder said...

haha such a great idea to present the colors and eyelooks this way!^^

SKL said...

wow! Super cute eyeshadow collection you have there! I love all those brands ^^

ремонт и смета said...

Well, I don't actually think this is likely to have effect.