Sunday, November 14, 2010

[] Summer Gold[]

Hey all
Today was SOOOO HOT.. crazy hot. sweating like a pig just sitting infront of the computer.
it's so humid and uncomfortable..... So I thought to use my Coffret D'or color mixing eyes again. It's got that beautiful gold/orange neutral tone.

So the Item used today
- Coffret d'or powder foundation (beauty essence)
- Clinique superfit foundation
- Coffret D'or colour mixing eyes in 01
- Too faced shadow insurance
- Mac well dressed blush
- kiss me heorine mascara
- Mac lipstick in blankety

I dyed my hair dark, had dark roots growing out and it looked terrible. and thought that dark colour makes my hair look more healthy. ..the ends of my hair is so dry..

THat's all of today.Hope every one Enjoyed your weekend.

P.S. please pass on the message about using powders and the danger of inhaling into the lungs.


Jennifer said...

this might be out of the topic for this post, but i love your glasses!

what's about the powder into the lungs thing? are you referring to the loose powder we use for makeup @_@?

MEOW said...

Thanks for sharing :)
I like gold eyeshadows too

as for the fine powders.. thats really scary! i cant believe i never thought about it! i use to work with silica gel too and i was always scared to inhale it. but good thing i use pressed powders

Askmewhats said...

You don't look like the weather's been super hot over there! You look fresh and blooming! :)

Penelope said...

your make is so fresh and natural looking!

Yup, I did my PhD in the UK. I've completed my PhD, but haven't got round to updating it on my profile! I'm not a Chemist, my field was Developmental Genetics. Still worked with lots of chemicals though, but not as much as you!!

Anonymous said...

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