Saturday, August 29, 2009

~~[]Blue Dust[]~~

Hey All~~~
Miss you guys.. been busy as usual. no other excuses>< but for the past few weeks... I've been buying things LOL.. and I have SUPER good NEWS!!!!~~~

I think I found my HG foundation.~~~~ It's the Prescriptive Virtual Matte Liquid Foundation and Prescriptive Mineral Foundation/Powder. Been using it for two weeks. No break outs no nothing bad.

I LOVE this FOUNDATION~~~ Great Coverage I would say medium to full coverage. Covers just like Estee Lauder's Double Wear, alot less drying, semi Matte Finish, oil controling all day, no cakeyness. I got the shade in Fresh Cream, when I first put it I was like OMG look like GHOST because it's sooo white I thought SA gave me the wrong shade, but after set with the mineral powder and wait 10-15 minutes. It blends in with my skin tone. and looks like i have FAB SKIN~~~~The Make up is still there after 10 hours day~~~~.. LOVE LOVE LOVE.... Think I can stop Foundation hunting. But I can't wait for Prescriptive's Mineral Liquid to hit Australia. I know it's out in USA already..
The Prescriptive Mineral Foundation/Powder is great, may be not exactly great in oil controlling but great coverage, no cakeyness and I'm So glad that It doesn't WIPE off when my face is oily. With some other foundation, if I go oily and it will come off onto my clothes, phone and blotting paper, tissue.. The Combination of these two is like HG~~~~ HG~~~...

The above picture is Mac's Colour Crafted Collection. Mineralise Blus in DAFT PINK.. I got it because I saw the youtube of lollipop26.. Had to go and get it. LOL

Then I saw another video of Lollipop26, her top 10 blush video.. I had to get this too LOL.. Mac's Powder Blush in Well Dressed.. ~~~ such pretty pink. combined with DAFT PINK.. match made in heaven. this blush gives subtle colour on the cheek, gives just a nice flush of colour. good for everyday use.

Picture Above: Well Dressed Blush

I saw Fuzkittie's Autumn/Winter make up Haul video and she bought her new Lunasol pallete in that dark blue/teal colour.. Such pretty colour it inspired me to do a FOTD with my own twist.

Here's the part of the post that is ACTUALLY related to the post name LOL.
Blue dust ie the eyeshadow colour. LOL

So the eyeshadow use here is Kate's Br-1 ( only the black colour for crease) and Majolica Majorca's in GR-750 (the pink colour as base, the blue colour for all over eyelid) .
The result?? here's a couple pictures =D

Products Used:
- Prescriptive virtual matte foundation in fresh cream
- Prescriptive mineral foundation in leve 2 warm light/medium
- Mac's powder blush in well dressed
- Mac's mineralised blush in daft pink (for highlights on cheek)
- Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
- Lavshuca's eyebrow powder in LB-1
- Mac's brow set in beguile
- Kate's eyeshadow pallete
- MM eyeshadow pallete
- Mac fluidline in black track for upper liner
- Mac technikal eyeliner in graphblack for bottomliner (can use pencil too)
- Fairy Drop mascara
- Rimmel lipstick in Airy Fairy
- Mac lipglass in Cultured
This is my HG mix.. looks really pretty in PERSON!!! highly highly recommended =D

Stole my Dad's funky hat haha.. =D just to take a picture.

one more picture for cam whoring ..LOL~~~
Hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully like this look I did.... =D

Take Cares. ~~~~~~~~~~


Zoe said...

Now I really want to get the The Prescriptive Mineral Foundation
Powder^^;Love ur MAC's Coulor Crafted Collection, I actually think all the products from that collection are really cute..
I love ur look very much so pretty and classy~

xisa said...

I heard great things about Prescriptive's foundations, sadly it's not available I hope on catching it elsewhere ^o^

I love your FOTD. You look very classy indeed. ^o^

Askmewhats said...

Now you made me intrigued with the Prescriptives foundation! thanks for sharing and for showing your cute photos! you are so pretty and love the hair!

anna said...

I've always wanted to try out the Prescriptives foundations. They seem really really good.. but expensive hahas.

Blovet Beauty said...

gorgeous look!! I like ur slighty messy yet voluminous hair!! Prescriptives is a really great brand and ur super lucky to have it over there... they are no longer in spore anymore... :(

Emily said...

yay great that u found your foundation ^_^

i really luv your eue makeup its soo pretty, i have to learn from u , wish i can put makeup like u, i suck at it x_x hehe

Manju said...

looks gorgeous on u! im really digging the mac mineralized blush

kalai said...

love your blushes.. i need more blush^^ think ill go and get the mac well dressed one~ looks pretty

+ the fotd.. very pretty^^

verina oei said...

omg u r gorgeous !
i love ur hair !
and u are so prettyyy

lilluna5416 said...

your photos and make up are beautiful! gotta look into perscriptives now!

San San said...

Ah too bad, prescriptives are not available at my place.

Anyhow u look great.

San San said...
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' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Love your hair and look! You should steal your dad's hat more and wear it out :)

Tammi_LA said...

hey girl! just came across your the haul and ur so pretty! can't wait to read more :D

Circle Lenses said...

Nice post.. I love your eyes. They look really big after you put on makeup!

Chenni said...

This is such a pretty look. I will have to try it sometime. I love prescriptive foundation as well, they have the best color matching. I have their flawless skin foundation. Unfortunately, they are closing down the line. I'm not sure if it's just in the US, but all the counters will be gone by Jan 2010. You can still purchase products online until they are out of stock. So sad. Such a great cosmetic line that's underrated.