Friday, September 26, 2008

[]InteGrate[] Accent Eyes & Lip Gloss ~~~~

Wonder if any one misses me?? hehehe haven't posted a thing for nearly a week. Been extremely busy with Uni because I'm about to graduate and my THESIS is due in 3 and half weeks time.. LOL and I haven't done SHIT!!!! excuse my French but.. stressing..

Any hows... Received a postage early this week ll the way from JAPAN.. cuz I had my eyes on 2 products from InteGrate, the Accent Eyes shadow which came out in Augst and their Lipgloss which alot reviews said it's good.. So here I goes..

So From their Website this is how it surpose to look like, I picked the Brown 750, So how do you use this??? well, from the instruction and the picture above it says
- Use A for over all lid
- Use B for 80 % mobile lid
- Use C for lining the eyes, but only 1/3 of the outter corner of the bottom eye lid
- Use D for Highlighting so put it on the areas with the dotted circles...
- Then you're good to go

SO for the lippies, I don't know I got 2 colours I thought that I would probably use the most;
left is RD 743 and Left is BE 283. I tried to swatch and take a photo.. It was so blurred and the colour didn't really show up. So I got some pics from their website which had the colour swatches.
LOL sorry for the confusion, so for swatch on the lips & I would say that the swatch on lips pretty much look like that. but I love the BE 283 cuz it's not too orange and gives a nude shiny lip that's a guy's dream to kiss it.. heheh JOKES... :
left is BE 283
Right is RD273
Well, The Eyeshadow is diff to the ones i've used before because it's really soft ultra finely pressed particles and the colour pay off is great and when I say it's SOFT it's really SOFT... NOt powdery at all, but almost creamy.. it's amazing stuff... definately a 5/5.

and and the lippies.. the COLOUR and shine are great but the staying power is a bit short. but I still give it a 5/5..

SO what were the results of these items???

Have a Great weekend!!! Take cares~~
P.S thank you Erica for the award.. hehehe a bit surprised...


Askmewhats said...

Yes, I do miss your post and your pretty face! this looks lovely! I love your photo! you looked so naturally pretty!

miemiemie said...

too cute for words :) i love your look :) can you do close ups of your eyes? i love asian eyes!

heartofpearl♥ said...

how pretty are the colours omg. which sites do you purchase from? i shouldnt really ask since im so poor atm but they are just too nice!

Alyssa said...

The eyeshadow palette and lipglosses are so pretty! I wonder how much the shipment is from Japan to Australia. I agree with the poster above and have to ask what website do you purchase at?... hehe~

Oh mi gosh Mac is a big trouble maker... hehe~ Did he get in trouble with your parents or did they laugh it off like you did?

Thank you for asking about Tobey. He's doing fine now... hehe~

cheryl said...

of course i missed u! lol...what a pretty palette! but i can't order anything to be sent to italy cos the customs here block everything skincare-related... argh!

Lily said...

that's a pretty quad! it's perfect for fall

Stephy said...

hey i got the same palette when i was in hk!!! :)