Saturday, September 20, 2008

[]Kate[] Powder Gel Eyeliner

SO happy, because I received my postage on Friday and It had my Kanebo Kate powder gel eyeliner in it. I bought the Blue and Brown one as I have the black one from MAC already. So I'm going to do a review On it.

First of all, I was supprised as to how SMALL the pot is compare to MAC Fluidline. LOL I mean it is REALLY tiny but cute at the same time. So the left 2 pots are Kate's and the right one is MAC fluidline in Blacktrack.

So now is a swatch of the 3 eyelines.
Top: Kate's Brown gel eyeliner,
Middle: Kate's Blue gel eyeliner,
Bottom: Mac Fluidline Blacktrack

So you can see from the swatch that the Kate's powder gel eyeliner has some tiny glitter in it so I don't recommend using it for waterline and Not exactly sure if it's safe for contact lense users because I can't read Japanese but I'm sure it's safe to use an outter liner. So the staying power, I would say it is as good as Mac's fluidliner or may be even better. It lasted me 9 hours+ & NO smudging and No flaking off. This is definately water& oil proof. So I guess it would come in handy in summer days and wedding type occasions when you might get emotional and cry =p.

As to removing this stuff, I would have to say It is harder to remove than MAC fluidliner, I tried it with 2 different eye make up remover the first one was just with Garnier gentle eye makeup remover. It removed my MAC Fluidliner but the Kate's powder gel eyeliner didn't even BUDGE. I was like WOW. So I got out my second make up remover, which is the QV face gentle eye makeup remover, and This one removed the eyeliner with ease. The difference between the 2 makeup removers are hat Garnier is water based and QV is oil based.

Let me explain how and why this works. Every one knows that oil doesn't mix with water, this is because water is polar and oil is non-polar. SO if you have something that is like an oil you need another oil or something non-polar to remove it because water doesn't mix with oil so it just sits on top of it instead of dissolving all that make up.

So If you have a good make up remover which removes other water-proof make up then it will be fine with removing Kate powder gel eyeliner.

So my score for this would be 4/5 because I didn't imagine it would come in such a SMALL pot LOL.. but it's a great product so I definately recommend it!!!!

Take cares every one have a great weekend!!!! =3


Erica said...

from the picture comparisons, the Kate liner looks the same size as the Indelible ones. and the box looked huge! lol I don't think I'll be buying any more gel/cream liners. I have enough to last me until it runs out lol

heartofpearl♥ said...

oh wow i want to try the Kate's Brown gel eyeliner!

fuzkittie said...

Thanks for adding another item onto my list! Haha. I love the shimmer, it's so pretty!

Askmewhats said...

YES! I am surprised how small they are when i saw them at Watson's HK!!! I felt bad now for not buying them coz I haven't read any reviews about them before I went to HK!!!! Too bad, now I wish I bought even just 1!!! I've used KATE liquid liner before and the smudge free budge proof is so true!!!!

MisSmall said...

I love the slightly shimmery brown! I'd actually pick it over the matte fluidline.

All eyeliners smudge on me, for some reason, so this is definitely something worth looking into. :)

spankedelic said...

thank you for your comment. i understand that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. that is why i didn't delete the comment. i think that anonymous misinterpreted what i said. i'm assuming she is a nurse since she took it personal. but i'm entitled to write whatever i feel like, because it is MY blog =)

cheryl said...

hi there, wonderful review, but the skin around my eye is really sensitive so i can't apply water-proof or smudge-proof products on that area. too bad... i have 3 pots of MAC fluidline sitting in my vanity... :-(i mean i can probably use it, but just for a short period of time,not all-day long.

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

Maybe I got an old one but the purple Kate liner I have is flaking a bit now. I've only had it for 7 months and hardly used it :( It was alright when I first bought it though!
The staying power on me isn't as good as MAC either, but that could just be for the purple colour. It doesn't smudge which I like, but does fade quicker than Fluidlines.

miemiemie said...

yii when I saw the pics of the kate liners i felt more sad..i wanted to grab some stuff from kate when i went to korea..but i didn't get any :(

oh and thankyou :) i had a safe trip :)