Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009 HauL~~ EL & Dior

Hey all ~~~
How was the Chinese New years??? had heaps of nice food, spent time with family?? and alot of red pockets I assume?? hhehe.
Ok I think by now, you guys would've known that I'm a foundation FREAK..~~ I love purchasing foundations. People would think you gota have like alot of eyeshadows in different colours.. For me Is different. I don't wear alot of eye make up. normally just a hint of earthy colour with eyeliner and mascara and i'm good to go.
But I think the look of skin is more important, like if you see some one with perfect eye make up but bad skin. you wouldn't think that makeup would look good. Where as if a person has a perfect skin then you would think the make up looks good. If you know what I mean. may be you have different point of view.. ok i'm just blabing on..
Main Content:
So I was attempted by alot of Asian Bloggers because alot of review site give out awards to like the top rank make up items. And in the foundation range, Estee Lauder Double Wear Original Formula constantly win awards like year after year after year. So I had to try it.
I got it in the color SAND 36. It's a tiny bit light on me. But after 20 mintues the foundation becames more natural and trust me it LASTS. I tried it the other day went out in 36 degrees heat. (it's like if you move too much, causing too much friction and you can catch on fire =p) The colour is not too yellow, nor pink. Just right LOVE IT.. i'm MAC SFF NC 20. but NC 20 is really yellow. Super great coverage. Covers like every thing.... matte finish. you need to contour with this foundation, or you would look really "flat"
So show you some photos..

Here's the Ingredient List:
lets try it on my hand..
Here's my Bare Hand ~~ nothing on ( the picture is a bit blurred sorry)

Here's a picture of the foundation on the right half of my hand
Then applied my MAC Mineralized SkinFinish Natural in Light/Medium on top. (that's a full coverage there)

It dries really quick. It may look too cakey or " OMG you have massive amounts of make up on". I don't suggest using foundation brush, it will turn out NASTY.. use a sponge. that's what I do.. spreads perfectly. and little goes a long way.
The next Item I got is the Dior Snow Sublissime whitening foundation powder in 020.
It's not avaliable in Australia or European countires I think not sure about US, I asked a friend to buy it for me from overseas. The price on it is 6200 yen. But I paid more than that for it. It's quite expensive. it's 10 g product. Comes with a cute pouch.
The pouch is this dark navy colour and the compact it self is white. The case is sparkly. LOL Super cute.

It's got 2 compartment, One for the sponge, the bottom is the powder.

I took a photo of the powder to show the colour. (Wish Flash)

(No Flash)
I Haven't tried it on yet. But will let you know.. ~~~
P.S I can't wait for Mac's brunette, blonde, redhead collection to come out in Australia. I wanna that MSF and lipstick!!! hehehe
P.P.S I love fuz's new videos.. her voice is really nice and soo cute..
Take cares~~~


Askmewhats said...

ohh you've got great hauls! I wonder how the DiorSnow Foundation works for you :) Can't wait to read your reviews on it :)

Digital Angel said...

I've seen so many korean people saying on cosmetics forum that these two items are really good. I have been curious about them :)
You should let us know how you like it! Great Hauls :D

Tasha said...

I have the DiorSnow Foundation too. :)It works really well for me and makes my skin look luminous. It's definitely my favorite foundation.

miemiemie said...

i agree! i'd like to have seeimingly perfect skin than put amazing eyeshadow on myself..hahaha okay wait, that didn't sound right but you probably get my point. great skin is the best canvas for makeup. and it makes us look neater and young :)

fuzkittie said...

Argghh I want the DiorSnow foundation! Definitely my next foundation to try! I've heard tons of good things about the EL foundy~~ But I'm more interested in the DiorSnow foundy, haha.

Miss your FOTDs and your adorable face~ You're too sweet.

cheryl said...

i'm a complexion freak too, i love perfecting my face makeup rather than eye makeup... i love blush and loose powder :-P

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

the estee lauder foundation looks good! i have to say again, you have good skin you dont that much foundation :P

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi Purple!

I've got the Diorsnow liquid makeup in Shade 021, which has a yellow undertone. I really like it.

I also have the Diorskin Forever foundation up for sale on my blog. It's got more coverage than I'm looking for, but will definitely hide a lot of blemishes!

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