Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Haul-age Time ~~~

Hi all ~~~
Thank you so much for the supportive comments for my last post... It's very disturbing and angry, but it's the truth unfortunately.

I had a job interview yesterday morning, afterwards I went to grab some lunch and picked up a few things. I was SOOO happy and then when I got home, a postage was out side my door. hehe.... My Dr Jart bb cream in Silver Label has arrived, I got it on E-bay US$29 free shipping, the seller included a Dr Jart's lip treatment and a bunch of samples. LOL
The seller was really kind and even emailed me saying that it was shipped will be arriving soon. very very kind..~~~ I bought the silver label because I have combination/oily skin. and the Black label is for dry/normal skin. Haven't tried it yet, will review it later after a while of using it.

Here's a bunch of samples she gave me:
Skinfood rice mask ( been wanting to try that)
Skinfood aloe sun bb cream
Skinfood grape seed oil bath gel
and a Mask, not sure what brand that is, all in pink and korean.
then that's a missha cleanser (from gel to peeling) their new product

I went past Missha yesterday, was just browsing wasn't intended to buy any thing. Then I saw the Secret Recipe Whitening Rice Mask. tried it on my hand.. wow smooth and smells so yummy. So I bought it LOL. and the silver tube is Missha's Procure hair treatment, something to heal those damage split ends and dried up hair. Gonna give that a try.

Then I went to Myers, Department store in Sydney. probably equivalent of Sephora?? not too sure. I wasn't gonna buy any thing because I was intended to buy Mac's Mineralized blush in Gentle. Was comparing it to Nar's SIN~~~ I went to Mac counter had a swatch of that colour on my hand. Didn't like it Nothing really special just a cool pinky/gold shimmer blush.. and it wasn't really smooth like Nars.~~~ So I thought I won't buy it.
Wondered over to Nars Counter.... Had a swatch of SIN thought beautiful colour but might be too dark on me, So I had a look at Oasis. LOVE that colour was about to buy it...... and then the sales assistant came over to ask me if I needed any help. She recommended the "O" blush. I told her I don't like that blush because the glitter makes my pours look bigger plus I have DT already so no point. Then She looked at me and suggested Dolce Vita.. I swatch it on my hand~~
WOW dusty rose/red undertoned blush very warm. thought might be a bit dark on me too.. and a very winter/autumn colour. She Insisted to try it on my face. I thought yeah why not If it looks horrid doesn't matter because I will be on my way home LOL...
But I fell In LOVE!!!!~~~ super pretty blush.. I like it more than DT HAHAHA... I'm so unfaithful... I ended up getting the dolce vita lipstick too..
Wish Flash
With No Flash

Dolce Vita Lipstick
Hehe, you bored of my haul yet?? here's pic of my dog Mac Sleeping. I was stalking him LOL

Such a big baby...

Yeah, that's all for now.. will do swatches and look later.~~~
Take cares...


fuzkittie said...

MAC is so cute! Nice haul! NARS lipstick is not bad! :D

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

Ohh i have dolce vita! it's very pigmented!! use with care, and it'll look beautiful :)

Askmewhats said...

Can't wait for your review on Dr. Jart's! I heard its a premium bb cream brand in Korea :)

Lovely hauls you got there! can't wait to see swatches!

Crooked Little Smile said...

I wish I had swatched some other NARS blushes before blindly buying Orgasm and Super Orgasm. Now I want to check out Dolce Vita!

Ahleessa said...

Mac is so cute... hehe~ He looks like a tiny puppy in a big body when he's sleeping! :)

cheryl said...

uh-oh don't tempt me with those beautiful NARS blushes, lol...

Anonymous said...

yayy you live in AUS too ! XDDD i love your blog.. && anyways.. jst wondering where on ebay did you get your BB cream?