Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blue + Green = Aqua

First of all I need to apologise because I haven't been updating for like the past 2 weeks??
The reason being that I was going for Med Exam trying to ge into Med School. That's finally over. It was dreadful and mentally challenging. 11 hours examination process. Killed my brain... like I think I had hardly any brain cells left by the end of the day... and still recovering from that LOL.. T___T

Any ways. that a side. I broke up with my BF, because things didn't work out between us.~~ and it's been just dragging on So I finally decided to end it.. ~~~now I kinda feel reliefed ..

So I was looking around and saw really pretty blue green mix of colours. very refreshing so I thought I might do a look just with blue/green...

I stole the eyeshadow from my mum. she had a duo pallete from REvlon that's half green half blue. I donno what is it, it's old and the cover's breaking and it's like REALLY OLD LOL..~~~

Um. today's just a quick FOTD update I guess, nothing special.

Things I used:
- Dr Jart Silver label BB cream + EL DWL in 02
- MAC MSF Natural in Light/medium
- Nars Dolti Vita Blush
- Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
- Maybelline Mineral Concealer

- Revlon Duo Eyeshadow Pallete (blue/green)
- Majorlica Majorca GR750( dark blue/white)
- Covergirl Volume Exact Mascara
- Mac Fluidline blacktrack

-Revlon Superlutrous lipstick (Ginger Rose)

Wondering how it turned out?? I think Average.>__< Nothing exciting but kind of wearable for outtings. I kinda like this look.. hehehe

A clearer view of the eyeshadow colours.

Wee.. I'm addicted to PHOTOSHOP.. T___T HELP ME LOL ~~~
here's another one

I got a couple things since last update and will do review soon..
P.S have a mascara and powder review coming up.. ~~ since now I have more time at hand. and probably next week will be working.. so busy again....
Take cares.

I need to update reading all those blogs posts I missed out XD


URY said...

I hate mental and emotional stress =(. You look so pretty and blooming =D

Askmewhats said...

awww it's nice to see updates from you no matter how busy you are! girl! i'd go for the non photoshop look, you are so pretty! :)

ChyiX2 said...


I found your blog through a fellow beauty blogger and just had to comment. ^_^

The look is colorful yet subtle enough for daytime wear, good job!

Khymm said...

wow i love your look especially your how you do your eye makeup! You're soo pretty!

Jamilla Camel said...

No problem with being away! You sound like you've had enought stress with exams and the (ex) boyfried. Good luck during these stressful times!

I agree with look beautiful without the photoshop! Enjoy your beauty while you don't need any touching the llok!

梅子 said...

your hair pulled sideways looks AWESOME love it. and i love your color brown like its soooo nice!

Cris said...

Congrats on surviving the exams :D! Lol.
The look's beautiful :). And above average :-P.

miemiemie said...

weeeeh! you're interested in med school! cool! hahah i plan on pursuing medicine in the future..then i'll specialize in dermatology..or perhaps something similar to that :) good luck dear, i'm sure you did well :)

the blue looks great on you dear!

SJKIM~ said...

wow, med school, i envy you!! :) good luck
love your eyes. you look like a doll!!!

Sabine said...

Good luck with medical school exam results. I took something similar (at any rate my country's equivalent to your med exam) too and felt so bad and tired after. :) I'm about to finish my 2nd year and find that it's actually easier and more enjoyable than most people think it is.

I love the look! I generally shy away from bright colors but you definitely made them very wearable. :)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

you are so cute with this look!! yes please do the tag ^^

hope you were too busy with all the studying! good luck with your results, im sure you did well!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i like the photo with ur hair tied up.. and u r pretty... frankly speaking, i would rather to go for sch exams than rushing a work project... hahaha... stressful working environment...

purple snowflake said...

Thank you every one for the supportive comments =D make feel that I'm loved LOL

ChyiX2: hehe I like your blog too, gonna add it to my blog list

Khymm: hehe thank you.. Shys away

Mei Zi: i usually tie my hair up, because feel kinda messy when it's down and goes all over the place.

miemiemie: I will go and reply on your blog cuz that's what i usually do..

Sabine: omg ur in MED?? congrats so cool...~~~ is it stressful?? I wanna be a doctor too ><

fuzkittie said...

Really pretty look!! I love your big eyes, hehe, too cute.

Agnes said...


very pretty look. your eyes are so mesmerizing @.@

Sabine said...

Haha yeah it is. It's finals week so in a span of 8 days I have to take 17 exams and submit 5 papers. You get used to it though and some experiences are priceless. LOL even cadavers and the more scary stuff. I'm sure you'll do well. :)

Ji said...

Love your fotoshop pictures, so artistic!<3

xisa said...

Hi! I have been a silent reader and I love your blog. :D

Exams are quite stressful, but I love it haha :x I hate hearing the results...oh the agony haha xD

I think you look really good in blue and purple. Hope to see more FOTD with these colors on you soon~ ^^

Ladyfei♡ said...

a very cute look once again weiii..
sorry i have not been updating often cuz! im so busy with assignments @_@ sorry le...

but i would love to go out and grab a bite hehe. i have a new mobile num. btw. will tell u on msn.

how do u like the laguna bronzer? i always wanted a bronzer, either laguna or mac bronzing powder. i dont want shimmer though hehe

Jess said...

Oh, you look soooo very cute! <3

teeyah. said...

How beautiful! :)

Sassy Jadore said...

Hey girl! Lovely blog. I just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I luv the natural makeup look. I luv simple makeup myself, but I still like the glam up makeup too. hehe. =)

cheryl said...

today i'm definitely mentally tired...just want some quiet around me, lol.
very pretty look here!