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[]Skincare of acne, bumpy skin curing []~~~

 Hey all ~~
In the beginning of the year I was in UK, the weather was dry, cold and radiation heater was on all the time in the room while I'm sleeping too. so my skin was SOOOO dry, super dehydrated. and with the microcracks, it developed small small bumps from the weather and  trying out different skincare items. When I got back to Australia after two months later. my skin was freakin out because it is summer here.

 I had really bad acne, bumps all over my face. I tried so many things. went to doctor got on low dosage minocycline tablets for 2 months, along with Duac (benzyl peroxide 5% and antibiotics combination). It didn't work. made my skin even more drying and it got to a point where it hurts so much. my self esteem hit ROCK BOTTOM. was crying because I felt like every one was looking at my skin and thinking how horrible it is. some friends even joke about my skin ..... Not a very pleasant time to go through. Slathering on make up to cover it up. it was SOOO bad. 

So I went on internet and did some research, what kind of products for my skin problems. so I have dry dehydrated skin, that has blocked pores with lots of cystic acne as well as small small bumps from allergic reaction to some skincare products i was trying out in UK. 

So the first IMPORTANT thing I learnt was to stick to a skincare regime, because your skin doesn't know what to do when you keep chopping and changing products. So here's what I came up with and after about 4 months. my skin completely cleared up there's were still alot of acne scars but not active pimples and acne. and now about 6 months later. my scars has faded. and skin has calm down no more break outs only occasional one or two during that time of the months. 

 First step is cleanse:
I use the bioderma sensio water for getting rid of make up. but I find that AVOCADO OIL does a better job at removing makeup. or EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. just put some on the cotton pad and then wipe all the make off. it takes off my estee lauder double wear.

So then to get rid of that oily feeling i use SUKIN GENTLE CLEANSING GEL. it is an Australian organic vegan brand. I have so many of their products love it all. its a foaming gel but not drying no SLS, no paraben its so gentle on my skin too. I use this morning and evening, and three a week i use it with my clarisonic at night.

So the next thing I use is ESTEE LAUDER's ANR SERUM, it is an amazing serum, it didn't flare up my skin even more. it adds moisture and it repairs my skin, it soothes my angry PIMPLES, it calms down my skin and tone down the redness. its a long time staple in my skincare.

OKAY, here's the PART where it has helped me really cleared up my acne. scrubbing my skin using beads or scrubs out there makes my skin worse!. and hurts. no matter hot gentle they claim. its not gentle enough. so I found PAULA's CHOICE 2% BHA products. I have it in GEL and LIQUID formula. I started with LIQUID it was really strong. my skin was peeling so I got the GEL, which was not as strong but it has a weird texture.  so what I did was mix HADALABO SHA 3 drops plus 3 drops of CIRACLE C-20 (20% Vitamin C concentration) all over the face. the products has a pH of 3.5 which is required for it to work.

The CIRACLE C-20 is an acidic solution contains 20% of Vitamin C which is really strong. this product is SOOOO popular in KOREA. and what I do is mix it in with the HADALABO. it helped lighten my acne scaring and mild exfoliation. when you first start using it may be only put 1 drop with moisturiser or toner. then slowly increase the amount. 

so I read that BHA are the best chemical exfoliate for cleaning out things in the pores to prevent pimples. and it also helps to prevent future pimples. No skincare will work overnight if it does then its only temporary effect. after about 2 weeks continuing using AHA products morning and night. I can see that my current pimples were going away and less of the new ones coming up. The other product I use to aid the treatment of scaring is PAULA's CHOICE 8% AHA GEL. This stings a bit when you first put it on, but I heard that it helps with the shedding of top skin layer therefore help to reduce acne scarring. still testing it out though. the results are as significant as CIRACLE C-20.

Hope this post help those of you that suffers from acne.. Best of of luck ~~ don't let any body bring you down, because what is inside that counts............ if you have further questions. you can email me.

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