Thursday, June 16, 2011

[] May & June Favourites~~[]

Hey all,
Decided to do a May & June combined favourites post. Not just about make up items, but also skincare.

So the products include:
- Sana Nameraka Soy Essence
- Sana Nameraka Soy Q10 Milk Lotion
- Shiseido Maquillage Powder Foundation
- Nars Penny Lane cream blush
- Canmake powder blush PW05
- Bobbi Brown rich color lipstick in crimson
- Clinique lipgloss in Grapefruit (sample)

And also the
- Estee Lauder Pure White Linen ( I get complimented when I wear this )
- MOR hand cream

I was using The body Shop's Aloe sensitive skin range for a while because I had some allergies to other products, but now my skin is better I switched to using Sana Nameraka's skincare range, I have been using the face wash for ages gets rid of make up and dirt for the day. The essence is great for winter time, the moisturiser alone is not hydrating enough. But probably will be great for summer.

I have been using the Shiseido Maquillage powder foundation since I got it, great for a quick touch up or if you are in a hurry in the morning. I normally use it as a setting powder, but if i'm in a hurry i just use that, less than 1 minute your foundation is done. put on some blush and your ready to go.

Talk about blush I have been using the Nars Penny Lane, some times my skin gets dry and powder blush makes it even worse, looks so powdery and dry. Penny lane is great, natural colour gives a hint of flush and I use the Canmake powder blush in PW05 in the afternoon for touch ups if I'm going out to dinner. So I use penny lane first then go over with the canmake blush.

Favourite winter lip combo. a dark wine shade with a gloss over it if you like, but I sometimes prefer the matte version. Sexy red lip without being too over the top, Bobbi Brown Crimson!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's swatches of products mentioned.
Top: Bobbi Brown rich lipcolor Crimson, Clinique lipgloss in grapefruit
Bottom: Nars Penny Lane, Canmake PW05 blush

Also have been using Estee Lauder's Pure white linen fragrance!!! Smells nice not too over powering, lasts all day. gets compliments when wearing that. plus my bf loves it^^

The MOR handcream, was a gift from a student of mine, she was so sweet!!. I work in a lab and washes my hand constantly, gets all crippled up like an old woman. This hand cream is really nice. No kidding, absorbs fast/nicely, and moisturizes well!!!. and smells great, product is free from parabens, mineral oil and synthetic dyes. and is NOT tested on animals. GREAT!!!.. hurry up get out there and try it.

Finally just a quick update about my hair... I was in a hurry and tried to blow dry it nicely.. FAIL>>> the ends are so frizzy, but it has volume now. LOL.. atleast that's comforting.

hehe weekend soon yeeeepeeeeeyyy^^


Askmewhats said...

Thanks for sharing, I like seeing products you use! Happy Friday to you! :)

Oh, about the hair, don't worry about it, there are days no matter how much effort you put on your hair, it just doesn't come out right :) You still look beautiful! :)

Eve said...

i love your hair!
i miss my medium length hair!
the body shop aloe vera is very mild, i love it too!

Williams said...

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