Monday, August 23, 2010

[][] Voce Magazine Scans[][]~~~

Hey all

Just wanted to do a quick post today.. Here are some Scans to the VoCE magazine for the september issue.

This is my favourite part.... it lists the top products voted by 120,000 fans on the net.
From eye shadows, blush to powder foundations & liquid foundations. you can click the image to enlarge it.



Mascara base/ Blush

Lip stick/ Nails/ UV make up base

Lip Gloss/ Concealers

Powder foundation

Liquid foundation

Just some pictures I like.... find them really pretty


xyrine- Dancel said...

Oh Lovely Pics ^___^ Japanese are really fond of sporting that Nudy Pink Lips or should I say doll look. So Innocent and Adorable

TheAngelic said...

This is a Chinese magazine (probably Hong Kong). But it's Asian nonetheless. =D I LOVE Asian style makeup. In North America, it's all dramatic smokey eyes which I don't look good in. I'm Chinese. =D