Monday, August 9, 2010

[] Eyeshadow Collection[]~~

Hey all~~~

Thank you so much for the kind comments left from previous post.. *HUGS* to all of you guys.
This post will be about my eye shadow collection. I find my self just tend to collect eyeshadows rather than using them every day light my blushes.

Here is an over view of my eyeshadow collection~~~~
Here's another closer look at the eye shadows.
There's Coffret D'or, Lunasol, Marjolica Marjoca, Visee & Integrate.

Here we have some Kate (all first row), Lavschuca, Shu Uemura ( my daily beige & brown eyeshadow). and Stila's eyeshadow ( really nice one for every day look too)

Here's a little haul:
Sana Essence Concealer for Eyes (LEFT), and mouth & eye concleaer (RIGHT)
THe packaging is so cute................

I use the eye concealer for under eye, it doesn't really cover any thing to be honest, It just brightens the eye area and super soft/smooth and gentle. But I don't have any really bad dark circle to cover so I'm fine with it. If you have dark eye circles you want to hide I think this one isn't for you.
I use the mouth/eye concealer for around my mouth (some fine lines when it gets dry) and my pores. Amazingly it covers my pores perfectly........ just the area around my nose. So far so good.

And here's a swatch.

thats all for today a super quick update..
take cares^^


Penelope said...

what a great eyeshadow collection! And the concealer looks so cute..

Jess said...

Lovely eyeshadow collection! It seems, you are a fan of neutral and peachy shades, hm? ;)

aretha said...

shu uemura are the best! so creamy and pigmented =)

Dina (XYYan) said...

You have so many eyeshadows! I tend to collect the e/s palettes instead of using them too :D The concealers are so cute~

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you bought the concealers?

miemiemie said...

love your palettes, all in neutral shades :) those concealers look nice. no matter what concealer i seem to use around my mouth area, the redness still wins ugh

Aradani said...

neutral colors haven! i love your e/s collection.

purple snowflake said...

I got the concealer from adam beauty.

reasonable price, fast shipping. love their service.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while looking for a good neutral eyeshadows palette.

Really like your blog :).

I wonder : from all the eyeshadows palettes you tried, which one is the best for neutral everyday look but non-shimmery, with eyeshadows of a soft silky finish, not chalky at all?

I wish I could find a palette like that for a reasonable price.

Thank you for your blog.