Wednesday, August 11, 2010

[] Lippies Collection[]~~~

Hey all ~~~

Hope you all had a great weekend. and Thank you for all the kind comments from last post :p

This post will be about my lipstick collection. Just strictly lipstick, no glosses.

So I will start with MAC.. Mac makes great lipstick range...... The variety of colours, finishes.. I'm sure you can find one you like there.

LEFT to Right:

1st Row: Cherish, Modesty, Blankety, (middle one: Lollipop Loving)

2nd Row: Jublee, Angel, Please Me

Here are the swatches on my arm ( My arm's pretty white, about NC15 I would say)

Cherish, Modesty, Blankety, Jublee, Angel, Please Me & Lollipop Loving

Here's my other brand lipsticks I have.

Left to Right:

1st Row: Revlon Smokey Rose, Revlon Soft Seude

2nd Row: Rimmel Airy Fairy, Rimmel Asia

3rd Row: Benefit Lady's Choice, Benefit Lala Land

Left to Right: Nars Dolce Vita, Maybelline Pink Please, Missha in BE02

Another picture of Nars Dolce Vita


Top Part:

Maybelline Smokey Rose Airy Fairy Lady's Choice

Pink Please Soft Seude Asia Lala Land

Bottom Part: (All Vertical Swatches)

Missha BE02, Nars Dolce Vita, Lollipop loving, Please me, Angel, Jublee, Blankety, Modesty, Cherish

That's all the lipsticks I have. My favourite GO TO lipstick is Rimmel Airy Fairy ( MAC FABBY dupe), Mac Angel, Benefit Lala land.... some times Dolce Vita.... I don't really have a favourite but I want to know what you like......

So tell me your favourite lipstick ........... please leave a comment of in my c box.

Have a great week ^^take cares


mimi said...

awesome awesome collection :) i have cherish too!

aretha said...

my fav l/s is MAC Siss, NARS Honolulu honey and YSL Rouge Volupte #4. i also really like NARS dolce vita but use it v sparingly because im really fair and it will look abit garish if i apply too much! :)