Sunday, August 8, 2010

[]Blush Collection/ Swatches[]~~

Hey all~~~
Been caught up with some work for awhile so haven't had the time to update. Was planning to do a July favourites but haven't got around to it.

This post will just be showing you guys my blush collection and some thoughts on them as well as swatches.

I start off with NARS:
I am a big fan of NARS blushes because they are pigmented, not powdery, stays on all day. really pretty colours. I'm sure every girl/boy out there would love NARS blushes.

The order is from Left to Right:
1st Row: Laguna, Deep Throat, Oasis
2nd Row: Gilda, Zen, Dolce Vita
3rd Row: Torrid, Penny Lane (cream blush)

My favourite has to be Deep Throat, then by Oasis. I use DT blush nearly every day, so I've hit pan on that one. it's just a nice every day colour for any occasion, when I don't know which one to pick. I go for DT. But Oasis is such a nice winter blush colour. gives you the flush as if you just had a run out side. Another one I'm loving is the Penny Lane gives you the right amount of flush very natural similar to deep throat, less pink and a bit more frosty.

Here's the Swatches:
Left to RIght
1st Row: Oasis, Dolce Vita
2nd Row: Deep Throat, Zen, Penny Lane
3rd Row: Laguna, Gilda, Torrid

Another photo for swatchie goodness.

Here's some Random blushes:
Rimmel ( Santa Rose) Dupe for Nars Orgasm
Clinique Sunkissed (a nice bronze)
Shu Uemura Rythm
Integrate blush highlight duo in the brown one

NOW, On to the MAC ones:

I started off with MAC then slowly expanded into NARS.
I think both MAC & NARS have good blush range, obviously MAC has more colour selections and their limited edition MSFs is just irresistable... LOL

Left to Right
1st Row: Well Dressed, Blush Baby, Daft Pink (Middle), Red Head MSF
2nd Row: Gentle (mineralize), Warm Soul (mineralize), Stereo Rose MSF

Here they are Opened up.

And here's the Swatches:

Left to Right
1st Row: Daft Pink
2nd Row: Blush baby , Warm Soul, Stereo Rose MSF
3rd Row: Well Dressed, Gentle, Red Head MSF
I use Daft pink as a high light, over NARS DT or MAC well dressed. really pretty. I love Gentle in wintery months pretty fall colour and goes well with a pink lipstick ( Mac Angel lipstick). Warm soul is a great one for summer, because it's a nude beigey bronze colour, in the photo here it looks kind of orangey, I'm not sure why. and Mac's Redhead MSF would be my favourite.
I do regret not getting Moon RIver... It's so hard to find now><

And here's a photo of the famous MAC Stereo Rose MSF. When In The Groove collection came out that day, I went to get it the same afternoon and the counter said only have 2 left.!!!! I was like OMG it just the first day of launching and by that afternoon only 2 left. CRAZY...

It does look Pretty in the pan.. pink coral with golden veining. It's not as corally as Gilda, but in between Gilda and DT I would say.

Here's another swatch. It's not as Shimmery as other MSFs I heard, so the colour pay off is good.
I really like this one. Great for summer/spring I would say. Not really for winter. But I'm not it's worth the Hype... It is pretty though I gota admit.
Hope Every one have a great weekend, and take cares..~~~


Askmewhats said...

hey I missed you :) glad to see an update from you, I love your blush swatches you have a lot :D

mimi said...

wow! you have an impressive collection! thank you for the swatches :) i've been thinking about getting nar's penny lane and after this swatch..i want it even more :)

aretha said...

you have a fab collection! =) i love nars deep throat and mac daft pink alot too although i have to say i much prefer NARS because of the quality and pigmentation. =)

Dina (XYYan) said...

Your blush collection looks really awesome! :D

Get Gawjus! said...

looove ya collection gurl!

Santana Ridgell-Bomar said...

You've got a very nice collection!!!! Thanks for this post :) :) :)

Zwei said...

Pretty blushies!! I love blushers~ :D Thanks for the post!

miemiemie said...

thanks for posting this up :) i've actually reserved the nars deep throat from the seller only to realize a few days after that she was a bit new in selling so yeah i canceled it. anyway, i just got the angelika and i'm gonna get it tomorrow! so excited :) i like pink more though.and i've stopped buying but trying to get back though. i want more nicer brands. i only have mac that lasted me so long. 2 years with my dame satin and i still haven't hit pan on it :) what more with nars blushes right?