Friday, July 2, 2010

[] Change of Hair Colour and FOTD[][]~~~~

Hey all~~
hope you all had a great week. All happy and busy doing things you love.
Well I decided to dye my hair a Darker colour. I used Garnier Nutrissue in Cinnamon Stick, I throwed away the box because it got soaked by water, If you wanted to check the shade you can see it from Garnier's website.

I am just sick of my light brown hair, which looks dry, brittle and unhealthy. So I just dye it darker. It didn't turn out too bad. Alot of friends said that darker hair actually allows my facial features to stand out more. I don't know if that's true or not. Any ways. On with the post.

FOTD products:
- Esteelauder cyber white primer
- Missha perfect cover BB cream #21
- Esteelauder doublewear light #01
( I mixed bb cream and foundation together 50:50)
- Laurer Mercier Mineralise power in Sand
- Eyebrow tint MAC (beiguile)
- Nars Laguna bronzer for contouring
- Nars Oasis as blush ( this is like the perfect winter blush.. so good)
- Kissme Heorine mascara (long and curl)
- Mac cremesheen lipgloss it boybait

and TAH DAH~~~

My every day Uni look nothing special.

argh my lips are kinda dry. O wells. Hope everyone have a great weekend.
STAY WARm.. cuz it's so COLD here. T___T


miemiemie said...

why'd you leave a comment on my blog without logging on! hahaha i was wondering who left that comment but then you left purple snowlake at the bottom part :)

anyway,glad to see you back :) you look good with darker hair, i love dark hair

aretha said...

the missha bb cream is my fav bb cream so far. :)now im really lemming Oasis. is it similar to sin?

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look so cute!! :D I love the look on you. The blush and bronzer looks gorgeous on your skin! Such a delicate color.

Emily said... your skin
u always look so pretty and have such clear glowing flawless skin

i think i will get that bb cream and primer

love your blog always