Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Lenses & FOTD

Hey all
I'm so happy cuz I just received my new contact lenses. they are the Deuba DM 23 Grey.
They are actually more comfortable than the magic black ones.. the magic black ones are weird.. they never really settled down after I wore them for 15 min even. mostly, the contacts I wear would settle down and fit into my eyes pretty well after 10-15 min. Any ways.. I'm surpose to do a swatch on the new NYX eye shadows but the photos turned out to be kind of blurry so I will retake the pictures another time.

Any hows.. to the FOTD with my new contact lenses.. hope you guys like it ^___^
- Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream # 21
- Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Duo
- Mac Blot Powder in medium
- Mac Sonic Chick Collection in Warm Soul for cheeks
- Mac Paint in bare canvas
- NYX eye shadow in Flamingo
- NYX eye shadow in Deep Purple
- Mac technikhol eye liner in Graphic Black for waterline
- L'Oreal liquid eyeliner in Black Mica
- DM 23 Grey Contacts
- Mac lipstick in Juiblee
btw.. My top eyelid's eye shadow blending is TERRIBLE... u can't even see it when I opened my eyes.. so i don't dare to show you guys how it looks ><>

In this photo you can see the warm soul on the side.. looks really pretty.. I love it.. I personally didn't really like Nuance.. found it a bit too light and peachy on my skin.. a bit weird.. but I Fell in LOVE with Warm Soul.. Highly Recommended.. hehe That's all for today..
Enjoy the rest of the day.. see you guys soon...


miemiemie said...

love the last picture,the lenses suit you :) kind of reminds me of anime characters :) cute!

Vanessa said...

gorgeous lenses! You look so pretty and I am so glad you like Warm Soul! That's my favorite!

Alyssa said...

I think you're prettier than the other girl you posted on your last post. :)

It's amazing how big the eyes look with circle lens!

fuzkittie said...

Omg you're too cute! If they made a doll based on you, I'd buy it! XD

Warm Soul does look wonderful! You've got me wanting....

(g)ezebel said...

warm soul looks great on you! i looooove those grey contacts on you. i want a pair!!!!

beautiful FOTD. :0)

purple snowflake said...

hey guys..
thank you so much for the great comments =p...

hehe... i'm glad i got you to like warm soul too=p...if you haven't checked it out already.. hurry & go to mac counter and check it out. if you already did.. do a re-check hehehe

Stephy said...

ooooooo love the contacts on ya! they make u look like a doll!! :D
i wanted to get one of those circle lenses too but i think i'd wait for my trip to hk to get them cuz i actually like to buy them in person instead of online!

Nic Nic said...

the lenses really pretty on you! good choice! xD

Askmewhats said... now, I won't make a mistake! LOL I just can't believe how circle lens work, but I love the final look too!!!! Alyssa is right, you look WAY better than those other photos you posted!!!! So cute! and your skin looks great!

Anonymous said...

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