Sunday, August 17, 2008

NEW CHANEL Addiction/ me & my HAT =p

Hey all
As you have noticed i'm sure.. Chanel came out with a new Collection recently. The " Reflection & Light"... hehe I stole a picture of the model who's promoting the it is.Doesn't she look Gorgeous??? Love her Nails and her Cheek.. Though I think the make up artist should use a more Browny or Orange lip color which matches wither the gold highlight on her cheeks and her nails.. but then again that's my opinion.

I love this look, so I made my version of the Gold look=p.. I used every thing gold and Sparkley I can find.. hehe And I thought since I'm going out to play Badminton with friends, don't really need much of heavy make up, but do want to look healthy and glowy I guess??? So here's pictures of my invented look=p.. after I took few photos.. rushed out to play sport =p

So the things I can find and used for my eyes that's GOLD HAHAHAHA.. such a gold digger=p

MAC bare canvas paint
NYX champaign all over the lid
Lunasol Coral 01 the Gold part on 1/3 of top eyelid and 2/3 on bottom
Everyday Minerals Oasis on 1/3 of top eyelid and crease
Lunasol Coral 01 the Brown Part near the top eyelid lashes and 1/3 on the bottom
Dior Show Mascara in Very Black
NYX eye pencil in Black

then BLEND!!! hehehe I'm practicing my blending SKILLS... which sucks. I took pictures of my eyes closely.. but it was all BLURRY>___<

Revlon Lipgloss in Glossy Rose

Dior Forever Flawless Liquid Foundation
Everyday Minerals in Fairly Light Neutral
MAC Mineralised Skinfinish Duo Highlight part on top cheek bone
Clinique Bronzer in Sun kissed for Contouring
Warm Soul for blush
WOW that's a LONG LONG list.. hehehe
I blogged so many posts in the last 3 days.. taking advantage of the weekend.. I HATE mondays... Have fun guys.. take cares.. see you soon..


Digital Angel said...

WoW I love your first picture, very innocent look and pretty :) Wavy hair looks good with hat !

' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' said...

very nice, your skin so looks flawless and glowy with the dior foundation and MSF!

Alyssa said...

Most people want double lids, but I think your single lid is gorgeous on you! :)

Lol~ Mac farts that much!?!? :P

purple snowflake said...

HEy guys.. GOOD morning.. it's MONDAY.. how i hate mondays ><

it's damn cold here.. my fingers are gonna freeze off soon...

alyssa.. I have a double eyelid actually, but just a VERY subtle one.. but close to monolid any ways cuz u can't even see it =p.. and MAC do fart heaps.. so we normally don't let him in da house =p

Askmewhats said...

awwww...very pretty! that wavy hair really suits your face and the hat is so cute!!!!

Askmewhats said...

high five! I hate mondays too!

miemiemie said...

i love your cap!:) looks great on you! hehe

fuzkittie said...

Heya~~ you're so cute with the hat!!! And very nice gold look... So how do you like the Dior foundation so far?

Hehe, yes I do have quite a few foundations, I'll plan to do a comparison post between them sometime soon... plus I just recently got a new foundation from Paul & Joe, haha.

Stephy said...

love the look!!! u look very cute in the pictures! :)

and omg i hate mondays!!! it was so difficult to wake up for work this morning.

purple snowflake said...

OMG.. i swear...
CHANEL's collection actually came out already in USA.. and they call it a new collection ><........
that's why i was like.. I've seen this some where.. looks farmilar.. LOL...

So not impressed.. but any how... It's ok.. the eyeshadow pallets are still pretty...

Nic Nic said...

you lookin' so cute there ;)