Monday, August 25, 2008

[]FREE[] Sample Give Away!!!

Hey Guys.
Thank you so much for the hair advices. I have a new idea in my head now.
I'm thinking of giving away FREE product samples (5g); but you just have to pay for the Shipment fee which is US $5. The postage is not only for 1 sample product but as many as you like and as long as it FITS in the envelope.
As for the Payment.. I guess Paypal is the easiest???

Well, I figured I have all these bb creams & other products sitting there which I tried only once or twice (some products are just back ups of my other ones which i'm not really using atm). and It's gonna be wasted if it's just sitting in my draw, so I want to make some use of them.
The Samples comes in a little pink plastic screw top jar and will have approximately 5g of the product for testing. If you are interested please send email to

So here are the Product sample list:
- SkinFood Gingko Green bb cream (Colour #1) [suited for light/yellow base dry-normal skin]
- SkinFood Aloe Sun bb cream SPF 20+ (Colour #2) [suited for medium/pink normal-combination skin]
- Skin79 DermaRX bb cream [suited for medium normal-combination skin]
- Missha M Vita bb cream [suited for dry light-medium dry skin]
- Missha M Perfect Cover bb cream (Colour #21) [suited for normal - combination skin]
- Shiseido Pureness Balancing Softener alcohol free [suited for combination- oily skin]
The reason why I'm giving away the shiseido softener is because I got it as a gift with two other shiseido products and haven't really got a chance to use this yet but when I opened it, it has this scent not strong at all but I don't like my toner to have fragrance in it. So it's just been sitting there doing nothing while I only pumped it once.
This is a Special One, I know that Jurlique is hard to find in USA and relatively expensive so I have a few products here if you wanted to try them I can sample them too.
- Jurlique Citrus Finishing Silk Powder [a setting powder and for oil blotting]
- Jurlique Arnica Cream [for dark eye circles/bruises and acne scars]
- Jurlique Balancing Day Cream [ for moisturising dehydrated skin and maintain skin balance]
If you have any questions regards to any of these products feel free to leave comments or email me. I promise you these products are all in good condition, and they will be hygiencally transferred to the sample jar.
Take Care. Have a nice day.


Askmewhats said...

HI there! that is so sweet of you to do this!!! I am sure a lot of people will benefit from what you're doing! that is really nice of you!

purple snowflake said...

hey nikki. you think so??

hehe just helping others if they ever wanted to try these products but don't want to pay the full price..

heartofpearl said...

hey thanks for the cm, ive also linked you! cool products, i dno if ill request any seeing as ive spent a lot of money recently >< oh i got those black circle lens too ive got way too many coloured ones lols!

Digital Angel said...

That's so sweet of you because I don't think many people tried BB cream yet. I have several. I just got one from Skinfood also. I didn't open it yet though :)

purple snowflake said...

hehe I found the black lenses doesn't suit me as much as my Dm 23 grey ones.. the black ones are like alience=p

digital angel:
which bb crema u got from skinfood?? I find the green gingko one too oily for me.. the aloe one is nice... but too dark for me right now cuz it's winter here and this yr I some how whitened like 2-3 shades>< crazy...
and I haven't try their mushroom yet.. I was bb cream crazy for a season there=p think i've gotten over it

miemiemie said...

aww that's sp nice of you..i actually have the skinfood gingko bb cream too..too bad it gave me breakouts..

fuzkittie said...

I have wanted to do the same thing! :] I have so many samples that I don't ever use. This is a great idea!

Erica said...

this seems really good :) just wondeing, what is bb cream? I have never tried one before lol

Alyssa said...

That's so nice of you to offer free sample products! :)

MisSmall said...

This is a really good idea. If I had read this a few months earlier, I would've had thrown out all the unused products. Someone should benefit from our addiction apart from the cosmetic/skincare industry huh? :P

purple snowflake said...

Hey all..
thx for dropping by..
I do hope that people can benefit from this.. hehehe..

fuz: then you should do what i do.. post up free sample give aways=p

hehe don't we all have addictions??
I normally would throw those products that i don't use out. but figured may be some one else want to give a try?