Saturday, August 2, 2008

Up Coming Posts

Hey all
Sorry for delay posting.. My uni just started and I have some time table clash, also trying to sort our my Lab time for my thesis project.. so yeah.. kind of hectic as this will be my last semester in uni then I will be graduating !!!.. finally

Any ways.. I have a few things I will show you guys.. Please stay tuned.
- My haul on foundation and other stuff I picked up (Thank you all for the foundation advices)I haven't had time to take photo yet ><

- I bought a pair of grey contacts... I actually tried the Acuvue Define.. It looks similar to my Magic Black ones but a bit more subtle. But I didn't like them so I changed them to Acuvue Oasys fortnightly ones.. I love them.. So when those grey contacts comes in I will do a FOTD and ask you guys for opinion of how it looks =p

- I bought some stuff over the net.. mainly NYX eye shadows... waiting for the POSTAGE to come in.. it's been 2 weeks already.. how slow can this get??? I mean Australia and USA is not that far, just on the other side of the hemesphere right?? lol

Take Care all. and Hope you all enjoy Augst =p..


Nic Nic said...

wow one more semester huH! enjoy while you can :P

are you going to be traveling to Japan after?

omg contact lenses are so expensive in UK. I wished my mum stocked up a lot more whilst she was in HK!! lol.

Alyssa said...

Everyone wears colored contacts and they seem okay. What happened to me! :(

Wow, you're almost done with college. I miss my college days! That's when you find most of your friends.

I bought the L'oreal HIP cream eyeliner for $12 for 2. They have BOGO free sales once in awhile. That's usually when I buy them. So I guess it's $6 for each?

Askmewhats said...

hey there! goodluck with the NYX e/s!! It took mine 1 month to reach're right how far can US and the Philippines be? lol...can't they just take the shorter route? lol the other way around?

(g)ezebel said...

i love NYX eyeshadows. they're pretty bright and pigmented, very comparable to MAC's.

ahhhhhh, i want black contacts soooo bad. i wanna look like a shark. heehee

ryc: "ketchup" = catch up reading with my blogroll. "ketchuping" = catching up reading with my blogroll. :0)