Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sigma F80 brush review. ~~~

 Hey all ~~~
I wanted to do a brush review today, saw a lot of positive reviews on the Sigma F80 brush for buffing in foundations. So I decided to give it a try because my Everyday Minerals flat top kabuki brush is quite old now. may be about 3 yrs old? but still good. ~~~~

 So I bought my brush from the Sigma Website, it came in at about 1 week since the day of order. so the shipment is not bad. It came in the blue cardboard packaging with a pamphlet talking about other brushes in the collection. (see picture below)

 So I wanted to compare the Sigma F80 to my Everyday Mineral Flat Top Kabuki brush.

 Comparing the two, the handle of F80 is longer, I actually prefer the longer handle. the way you buff while using the brush is different to Everyday Minerals. I feel like i tend to press harder against my skin while using Everyday Minerals.

 Fiber wise, both brush have synthetic fibers, super SOFT!!!. the density is quite similar, it's just that the fiber in F80 is shorter than EM flat kabuki. not much shorter though may be about 3 mm.

So this is a top picture to show the fiber density and the size of bristles. so Left is F80 right is EM flat kabuki. sorry its a bit dirty, just used it for my powder foundation.

I like both brushes, can be used for multiple things. liquid foundation, cream foundation, powders, minerals foundation. but I prefer the F80  for liquid foundation. gives a SUPER nice finish!!!. Love it, highly recommended.

Please leave question and comments and tell me what you think about Sigma Brushes, and or other brushes you would recommend me to try.

sigh Monday blue for me ~~~~


Judy said...

Which brush do you think is better for pressed foundation??

Judy said...

Which brush do you think is better for pressed foundation??