Thursday, August 16, 2012

~~[]Senka BB cream review[]~~

 Hey all
Today, wanted to review the Shiseido Senka Mineral Water BB Cream UV  SPF41 +++
I bought recently bought this BB cream before I headed off to Europe, It has SPF of 41 PA+++ so it's great for summer. also it comes with two colours, a bright shade and a healthy shade. I got the darker one a bit more natural on my face I think. as well as in summer I get a tan any ways.

 This BB Cream is refreshing, non-sticky, long lasting and has a super light texture. Another unique feature of the BB Cream is that you don’t even have to do double cleansing – just a foam cleanser will be able to wash it off. Using also double potency Acid Hyaluronic, this BB Cream keeps skin hydrated, refresh, without any burden to the skin.

This BB cream also is formulated with  special powder which gives that great coverage with out looking cakey or heavy. The product packaging is great because it's a plastic tube, hygienic and light to carry around.
 can just through in your make up bag and not worrying about dropping it and breaking it and all that sort of mess.

On my skin it feels like I'm wearing something I wouldn't say it feels light but it's not heavy either. It doesn't have great oil control abilities so may be not for oily skin. I got combination some times comb/dry skin. It contains skin moisturizing ingredients so I think it's suited for all year round if you have normal dry skin. In summer I found this to be a bit heavy, the staying power is not too bad if I didn't sweat like crazy it would last about 4-5 hours in summer, in winter weather it lasts longer around 6-7 hours but I set it with a powder.

 This is what the BB cream looks like after squeezed our from the tube.

 It spreads easily and feels really watery, don't really have a scent. For Ingredient list please check out this site: []HERE[]

 Here's a look at my bare face >___<
please forgive the redness- the large pores the freckles the acne scars you name it.

 Here's an After picture with out any powder or concealer. Pictures are taken in natural indoor bathroom light without any flash.

 I think it covers my redness and pores quite well, but it still didn't cover my freckles, I mean I don't really mind it looks a more natural looking face. It also gives that glow/radiant feel to the skin so I would say a Semi matte finish. which I like.

It hasn't break me out, and no allergic reactions. I quite like this. The most thing i LOVE about this is that it can be rinsed clean with just normal foaming face wash, no need make up remover. that's a plus point for me.

I bought this on any questions just leave in comment section.

P.S. yes weekend soon.. can't wait.

have a great one every body


Askmewhats said...

wow, that bb cream has a nice amount of coverage! The redness on your cheeks was gone!

Popcorn said...

This is just what I need! hahah I have freckles and pimples/ scars as well. Dang it, I should have bought it in asian when I had the chance :/

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Would this bb cream be too light for someone who is NC 25-35

Anonymous said...

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