Saturday, October 4, 2008

[]Heart Felt~~[]

Hey all..
Ok this is the first time I'm duing a tutorial and close up eye shots.. I don't think it's any good, but I will give it a try.
So the main product today is Lavashuca's Heart shaped eyeshadow in BR-1.

It's like a Neutral toned eyeshadow actually I think it's similar to my lunasol eye shadow.. So I seem to have like 2 of the same colour?? LOL

Here's the Swatch for it.. This is Under natural light, no FLASH!!!! and It didn't turn out that CLEAR.. Sigh..
Ok SO lets start.. Here I'm showing a photo of my bare eyes, no make up at all. Looks scary.. I think.
So Here's how I used my Eyeshadow:
- Use pencil to line your eye first so it looks natural
- Use A all over mobile lid and highlight brow bone
- Then use B in the inner part of the mobile lid
- Use C for the outter part of Mobile lid
- Used D to draw a line closely to the lashes..
- Use A again for for the bottom inner corner of the eye
- Use D on the bottom outter corner of the eye

Finish off with coats of your favourite Mascara

Then it's all done ^___^

OK.. so this is my first Tutorial for EOTD.. LOL.. I don't think there's a much difference btw my finished eyes and naked eye.. but yeah... please give comments and advices as to how I can improve???

Thank you.. take cares.. have a great weekend..


Nic Nic said...

Nice tut, girl!!! subtle but prettY!

cheryl said...

great pictures - very easy to follow! i think if u fill in your brow and use concealer, it can make your eyes stand out even more.

Askmewhats said...

ohhh i love this! and the palette looks too cute!

Sandy said...

Just asking, where do you get your jap makeup? :)

Thanks x

Glow Chaser said...

I definately agree with Cheryl! Using brow stuff really works. I would't swap my Kate stuff for anything!!!!