Monday, August 29, 2011

[] Cezanne Ultra Cover UV Foundation II ~~[]

Hey all~~~
Hope you all had a great weekend. Didn't do any thing much this weekend, just read the last book of the Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan. Now I have finished it.. it's really good!!! Highly recommended.

ok, back to the main Topic. Cezanne Ultra Cover UV Foundation II, I got this foundation a while ago. Have been Using it since because of its amazing coverage and great staying power. and For the Price..... It's worth every penny.

I got it in the colour 02 Light Ocher. It Fits perfectly. Blends into the neck nicely, None Cakey. Oil control is a bit above average. has SPF 35 PA+++. THis is also a reformulation of the first version. So the Coverage is better.

The Website says:
Covering effect:Coverage effect has been 20% improved. Provides complete coverage for skin imperfections.And also protection against UV-rays has got much better.
Compared with CEZANNE Foundations
Shade-Off Powder: Catches the light and makes it reflect diffusely, for a natural look that is free of dullness.
Double-Block Powder: Protect the skin against both UV-A and B.

Long-lasting:Formulated with new ingredients, Sebum-clear powder and Sebum-fixing powder that blocks unwanted sebum that is produced over time.
Keep skin moisture:Contains twice the amount of moisturizing ingredients, but still has a nice non-greasy feel.Moisturizing ingredient···Squalane, Chitosan, Rhodomyrtus tomentosa, Hibiscus extract
Natural finish:Its minute particles provide thorough but very natural coverage. Cover and Natural Powder contained.
This is what the case looks like.
And the powder inside. I took out the Sponge because it needs a wash. but the sponge is soft and applies well. a normal Latex sponge. This foundation can be used both dry and wet. I normally use it dry over my liquid foundation to give that extra coverage and oil control through out the day.

Applied to hand on the right half of the hand. Left half is untouched.

Lets have a look how it applies on face.
So this is my bare face.......... pimple scars, pores, black heads.. yuky stuff...........

This is applied to face dry after moisturiser no primers.
It covers minor scars and covers pores perfectly without being cakey. Wears well through out the day. In fact, after about 1-2 hours of wearing when the oil from the skin mixes with the foundation, it the best natural look foundation ever. just great.

Touch up may be needed for every 4-5 hours. So Highly Recommend this foundation, Over any high end powder foundation I have tried any day. FOr the price and Quality... definitely.

If you are wondering where to buy this? []CLICK HERE[]

If you are looking for product information? []CLICK HERE[]


MEOW said...

this looks like a great foundation! it has really good coverage! :)

by the way.. i received your package! :) thank you so much!! Thanks for the extra goodies too :D

Anonymous said...


I enjoyed yoyr review and want to buy this foundation!

But I am from the UK so have to buy online and have no idea what colour to buy :( Which would you recommend for VERY yellow skin, around MAC NC25-NC30.

Hope you can help!