Friday, August 5, 2011

[] Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Review[]~~

Hey all~~
Weekend Finally. Just tired from work this week. So now I have time to update.
So I got the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation a while ago because of all the hype saying how good this is. how amazing. Had to try it. I was matched to the shade B20. It's slight dark for me right now in middle of winter. but I think it should be perfect match in Summer. B20 is actually very yellow toned, which suits asian skintones quite well.

It comes in a 30mL plastic bottle. light easy to carry, no breaking. a squeezy tube hygienic. The only thing I don't like is that I have to shake this before using. I don't mean like just shake. you have to shake it like bar tender for like 30 seconds or a minute. or else it's gonna come out two phased. So if i'm in a hurry in the morning. I don't use this.

The package.
The back of package, and ingredient list.
This is what it looks like when it comes out of bottle.

A bit blended.

This is blended into skin.

Lets see how it turns out on skin.
Bare face as usual, under natural indoor lighting.
One layer of foundation applied. Dries a semi matte finish.
The foundation is suppose to be like a second layer of your skin. I agree, but I don't agree with giving a light natural finish. I find it to give a medium coverage. and actually covers quite well. I would say 60% coverage, very similar to my Double Wear Light. It blends so easily, glides on like a dream. It has that Chanel fragrance to it. It might bother some people though.

This foundation lasts about 5-6 hours on my combination/dry skin need blotting. If you set it with an oil absorbing powder may be it will last longer. It fades nicely too, no patches, blotches. I'm not sure how this will go with dry skin though. I mean probably get a sample and try it? also there are lots of reviews on you tube too.

Have a great weekend.

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miemiemie said...

It does give good coverage :) How much was it? I've been seeing reviews on this product on youtube..oh nevermind, you don't need to tell me coz i know its pricey. hahaha i'll go ask you again when i have the moolah for something high end :P

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

It covers really well. Chanel foundations have always been good and this one is no different. I wish they made a prettier glass bottle for this :p

Jamilla Camel said...

The coverage is excellent! I need to check this out!

Pammy said...

Good coverage. You're right, the scent bothers me. I'm itching to try ELDW Light. :)

TINGkabelle CHAN ♥ said...

impressive coverage~ a shame the scent isn't so nice... thanks for sharing this review :) <3