Wednesday, January 11, 2012

[] New yr New Skincare items[]

 Hey all~~
This is a haul post. I bought some new skincare items for new the new years. Mostly gentle skincare items for sensitive skin. and they are mostly organic things.

 First of all I bought two items from Pai skincare, it is a British brand. certified organics every thing pure organic and natural no artificial colours, fragrance and parabens. That's why if you purchased the item you have to use it with in one year. No preservatives. try to keep them at a cool place away from the sun.

 The two items I bought are:
- Soothing & strengthening for very reactive skin moisturiser ( chamomile and rosehip ) for sensitive skin
- Rosehip bioregenate fruit and seed oil blend

 This is what it looks like out of the package. The oil is a bright orange colour gets absorbed surprisingly fast!! definitely top quality. I've only tried it a couple times so not exactly sure to do a review yet. 

I also bought other items:
- ASAP soothing gel (aloe vera, Sage and green tea ) ideal for oily skin
- A'kin pure emergency gel (for sun burnt skin) contains aloe vera
- Alpha-H soothing & calming mask
- Alpha-H balancing cleanser (contains aloe vera)

Here's what the item looks like.
the green gel is the ASAP-soothing gel
the blue tinted paste the is the Alpha-H soothing & calming mask
the bottom white blob is the Alpha-H balancing cleanser

I know I bought a quite few items that has rose hip, chamomile and aloe vera. These three ingredients are known to restore, heal and calm down sensitive skin. I don't want to put harsh chemicals and things like that to aggravate my sensitive skin. I know there are alot of expensive skincares out there big brands, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will be good for you. I tend to look for things that doesn't contain alcohol, parabens and any thing that might cause allergic reactions. 

That's all for today. hope every one have a great week.

Take cares until next post~~~


Segments of Life said...

Great items! And you're absolutely right about big fancy brands not necessarily being good for you; ingredients are what matters. Would love a review on this after a few weeks ;)

Jamilla Camel said...

Good luck with the new skincare routine!

Askmewhats said...

Never heard of the brand and this is the first time I see this, thanks for sharing and I want to wish you goodluck! I hope this works!