Thursday, April 21, 2011

[] Nars & Estee Lauder Haul[]

Hey All~~
Happy Easter. Hope every one enjoy their Easter Holidays.
I was Lemming for Nars Luster for the longest time, since last year But I never got it because I got a tone of other blushes to finish off. But my Nars DT has hit pan and by hit pan i mean nearly finished So I decided to buy Lutser. I got it on Ebay, because there's no way I would pay $60 AUD for it since AUD is so high now compared to USD.

So I purchased Nars Luster blush and Estee Lauder's Crystal Lipstick in Tiramisu.

Nars Luster is a sheer golden apricot colour. with LOTS and lots of gold shimmer, well it's not the chuncky type glitter but more of a sheen. Very true to the apricot colour though. Not much of a pink tone. Very warm colour so I don't think it will suit people with cool skin tones. The photo is taken under natural sunlight.
Here's a Swatch of Nars Luster. a Golden sheen to the apricot colour.
Now on to the Estee Lauder Crystal Lipstick in Tiramisu.
This is a discontinued colour. shame. Some people love it some people hate it.
This is a very sheer colour, with a hint of gold. gives that glossy look without gloss. I actually personally don't like lipglosses. it's so sticky that my hair sticks to it. People that wont like this is probably because it's too sheer, doesn't show much colour on dark/pigmented lips. low staying power.

This is a very every day colour lipstick. none offensive. can be used in every occasion. Very moisturizing. though the staying power is not that great. a more of my lips but better sort of colour.

This is me wearing luster and the lipstick. excuse the wet hair. just got out of shower and did my make up.

Have a great holiday. don't overdose on Chocolate.


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