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[] Naruko Nacissus Skincare Review[]

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I've been absent for a months or so. feel so guilty about it so I have some free time today, might as do some posts about product reviews.

My long due Naruko Skincare Review. I saw these products on Queen show, and Fuzkittie talks about it as well, she had some review on youtube. check it out if you have time.

So I have combination/dry skin. oily T zone. it's trouble some, also I have sensitive skin, not extremely sensitive but i realized some ingredients like paraben or preservatives can make them all red and itchy.

These products can be bought from
the website is in Chinese, if you wish to order Fuzkittie has instructions as to how to order on her facebook page. So I will go ahead with the review of these products.

From their Nacissus skincare line, I got the
- Total defense night repairing dew (8/10)
This repairing dew is designed to promote skins self repair during the night time,. Using narcissus bulb extract and the patented Phytoferulin formula, as well as double the amount of Tremella Fuciformis and Hyaluonan, it revitalizes and neutralizes the skin. skin will look replenished with boosted translucency and radiance.

This toner is actually really thick in texture. like close to honey but not as thick, if i put it more realistically how thick it is, it's probably like maple syrup for your pancakes. even though it says it's a night repairing dew I use it for morning and night. It is best used with the cotton pads put like a 10 cents piece on the cotton pad and light sweep it across the skin. When you first put it on it feels a bit sticky but after about 5-10 seconds it completely absorbs. keeps my skin moisturised all day long, when I use it at night, wakes up in the morning with skin feeling supple.

I really like this this toner, highly recommended. my skin did get more radiant and nothing in there upsets my skin. so i'm happy.

- Total defense moisturizing night repair (4/10)
This night repair is designed for skin's self repair during the night. A unique technology produces its fine texture to ensure deeper absorption, providing skin the opportunity for its own repairing from inside out. The high concentration of narcissus bulb extract and patented Phytoferulin formula provides endurance for the skin's restoration all night long.
I used the night dew first by it self then added this moisturiser to the regime after. when I started using this, I felt like as if the moisturising power isn't enough. it felt really powdery. and after about a months of using I had so many black heads on my nose and around my nose. This moisturiser contains lots of dimethicone, a type of silicone/silica material which makes it feel a bit more powdery. I stopped using it after a months, Still have half a bottle of it left.

didn't like this product. don't recommended at all. that's my personal opinion though. may be because I have large pores and oily T zone.

- Total defense fundamental serum (7/10)
This serum contains a special formula that reaches deep down into the skin, fighting aging while preventing moisture loss and revitalizing the skin.

I used this serum every night for about a month, it did its job of providing the extra moisture for my skin, hydrated for the night. But some how I don't feel it doing any thing else besides that. texture is very runny, absorbs well but I just don't see it doing any thing. may be it is helping my skin to repair it self and a bit more radiant when I wake up in the morning. But I don't see any dramatic difference. M... I'm neutral about this product, not sure if I will purchase again.

That's all for today, if you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to leave comments or email me.

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